Cisco 4451-X vs. Cisco 3945E vs. 3925E vs. Cisco 3945 vs. 3925 Router

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Cisco 4451-X ISR is the new flagship router of the Cisco ISR family. It continues the feature-rich and high-reliability heritage of the ISR family with exceptional performance, services, and simplicity. It builds on the concept of the truly Application Experience router by integrating multiple services into a single platform that can provide all the services a typical branch office needs. The services include increased capacities for routing, switching, unified collaboration, security, WAN acceleration, application optimization and Application Visibility and Control (AVC). At the same time, the new routers are designed for expansion that can deliver increased performance and capabilities over time without the need for expensive system upgrades or hardware as remote sites grow.

The 4451-X ISR offers: Native service, integration encryption acceleration and firewall; Voice and video-capable architecture; Call processing; Application visibility and control; WAN optimization and embedded services.

Cisco ISR 4451-X Series

Specifications of Cisco 4451-X ISR at a Glance

  1. Platform forwarding with multiple services of 1-2 Gbps, upgradeable with a feature license that does not require a truck roll
  2. Separate control, data, and services resources to help ensure the highest availability and reliable performance
  3. Two rack units high and four dual-mode Gigabit Ethernet ports with a four Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) option
  4. Two single-wide or one double-wide service module slots
  5. Three network interface modules (NIM); two interfaces can be combined to a double-wide NIM
  6. One onboard Cisco Packet Voice DSP Module (PVDM4) slot; additional PVDM4s are supported through voice NIMs
  7. One onboard Cisco Integrated Services Card (ISC) slot

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Compared with Cisco 3900 Series routers, what are the main highlights of Cisco ISR 4451-X? Here you can read the following table of comparison of Cisco 4451-x and Cisco 3900 series.

Comparison Models: Cisco 4451-X vs. Cisco 3945E vs. 3925E vs. Cisco 3945 vs. 3925

ISR 4451-x 3945e vs.3925e 3945 vs.3925
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