AI-Enabled ICT Workforce Consortium: Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and More Join Forces

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A groundbreaking collaboration has emerged in the tech industry as Cisco, along with Accenture, Eightfold, Google, IBM, Indeed, Intel, Microsoft, and SAP, have joined forces to establish the AI-Enabled Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Workforce Consortium. This initiative seeks to address the evolving landscape shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and equip workers with the necessary skills to thrive in this new era.

Analyzing Impact and Recommending Training:

The Consortium’s primary objective is to assess how AI is influencing job roles within the ICT sector. To kickstart their efforts, they will conduct an analysis of 56 key ICT job roles, which represent the most in-demand positions in the United States and major European countries. Based on this analysis, the Consortium will develop recommendations for training programs aimed at helping workers adapt to the changing landscape.

Inclusivity and Accessibility:

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, the Consortium is committed to developing training programs that are accessible to a wide range of stakeholders. This includes students, career changers, current IT professionals, businesses, and educators. By ensuring accessibility, the Consortium aims to equip a large workforce with the skills needed to thrive in the AI era.

Ambitious Goals for Global Impact:

The members of the Consortium have set ambitious goals to positively impact over 95 million individuals globally within the next decade. Some of these individual company goals include Cisco’s aim to train 25 million people in cybersecurity and digital skills by 2032, IBM’s goal to equip 30 million individuals with digital skills by 2030 (including 2 million in AI), Intel’s plan to empower over 30 million people with AI skills by 2030, Microsoft’s target to train and certify 10 million people from underserved communities with digital skills by 2025, and SAP’s objective to upskill two million people worldwide by 2025.

Government Collaboration and Industry Commitment:

The Consortium’s efforts are aligned with the US-EU Trade and Technology Council’s Talent for Growth Task Force, demonstrating a collaborative approach between governments and the private sector. This initiative aims to ensure that everyone benefits from the AI revolution. It underscores the tech industry’s commitment to bridging the skills gap and preparing the workforce for the future of AI.


The establishment of the AI-Enabled ICT Workforce Consortium represents a significant milestone in the tech industry’s efforts to prepare the workforce for the AI era. Through collaboration, inclusivity, and ambitious goals, Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, and other members are working together to upskill and reskill 95 million IT professionals globally. This initiative not only addresses the current skills gap but also ensures that individuals are equipped with the necessary competencies to thrive in the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Explore more at

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