New Nexus 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400G) Switches

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Cisco unveils new 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400G) switches.

Meeting modern data center network challenges demands high scale and high bandwidth. Large cloud and data center customers require a flexible, reliable solution that efficiently manages, troubleshoots and analyzes their IT infrastructure. They need security, automation, visibility, analytics and assurance. Yes, the new Cisco Nexus 400G Switches can help large cloud and data center customers stay ahead of these demands.

Portfolio of Nexus 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400G) Switches

The new 400G switches are in Cisco’s Nexus data center switch portfolio and include two new Nexus 3400 fixed switches and two new Nexus 9000 switches for the Cisco ACI architecture.

Cisco positions these switches for enterprise customers using ACI, Cisco’s data center virtualization platform.
400G Switches: Not just more bandwidth. More features.

Cisco designed the new 400G switches with customers to ensure they’re ready to perform in the most demanding environments. Nexus 400G switches bring more than just a new level of speed to the network; they bring flexible deployment options for different sizes and workloads so you can build large-scale 100G and 400G fabrics without sacrificing cost efficiency.

Cisco’s 400G switching portfolio supports:

  • Superfast policy, segmentation and white listing;
  • Real-time visibility into packets, flows and events – beyond just data sampling and system telemetry;
  • Smart buffering for big data or storage and machine learning workloads with dynamic packet prioritization; and
  • Lowest latency, with an ability to prioritize critical traffic on demand.
Explore the Nexus 400G portfolio

Nexus 9316D-GX Nexus 93600CD-GX Nexus 3408-S Nexus 3432D-S
  • 1 RU switch
  • 16 ports of 400G
  • Ideal for 400G Cisco ACI spine
  • 1 RU switch
  • 28 ports of 100G and 8 ports of 400G
  • Ideal for 100G Cisco ACI leaf, with connectivity to 400G ACI spine
  • 4 RU switch
  • 8-slot chassis optimized with compact aggregation via LEMs to run as leaf or spine
  • 1 RU switch
  • 32 ports with native 10/40/100/400G and break-out 2 x 200G and 4 x 50/100G

Cisco Nexus 3408 400GbE Switch


Cisco Nexus 3432D 400GbE Switch

Cisco Nexus 9316D 400GbE Switch

Cisco Nexus 93600CD 400GbE Switch

More Data Sheets of New Nexus 400G Switches:

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