Cisco ONE for WAN-Benefits

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How to select the right software capabilities to address your business needs? The answer is Cisco ONE software.

The Cisco ONE Software combined with services for Cisco ONE provides customers with four key benefits:

  • Access to software services-enabled ongoing innovation and new technology from Cisco
  • Investment protection of software purchases through software services-enabled license portability
  • Software suites that address typical customer use case scenarios at an attractive price
  • Flexible licensing models to smoothly distribute customer’s software spending over time

IT Management Challenges and Cisco ONE Software Benefits

IT Management Challenges and Cisco ONE Software Benefits

What Is Cisco ONE for WAN?

Cisco ONE Software

Cisco ONE Software

Cisco ONE for WAN gives organizations broad capabilities for branch offices and the enterprise edge. Cisco ONE Foundation for WAN connects and secures your branch office while optimizing for cost. Cisco ONE WAN Collaboration integrates voice and video into your branch and network edge. WAN Collaboration can be purchased independently of Foundation for WAN.

Benefits of Cisco ONE for WAN

Cisco ONE Foundation for WAN

Connect your branches and campus securely at an optimal cost:

  • Reduce WAN bandwidth expenses and optimize bandwidth usage by choosing the best path (such as Internet or MPLS) for critical applications. Deploy an Intelligent WAN that can deliver up to five-nines reliability.
  • Get the most from your investment with efficient WAN utilization. Improve application performance through application protocol acceleration and optimization techniques that offload the WAN.
  • Improve network security with access control and data encryption. Scale secure connectivity across all remote sites.
  • Enable energy efficiency with tools and services that help you measure and manage the energy use of connected devices across distributed offices and campus environments.
  • Save IT time with zero-touch deployment and quickly automate and secure your branch offices with audit tracking. Automate WAN deployment with centralized policy and distributed enforcement.

Cisco ONE WAN Collaboration Integrate voice and video across your branches and campus to increase productivity:

  • Simplify transition to IP collaboration at your own pace and budget
  • Improve the reliability of branch and cloud telephony
  • Extend rich media capabilities with secure video
  • Easily migrate from TDM to SIP trunking
  • Encrypt and authenticate media
  • Centrally manage all collaboration sessions

Cisco ONE for WAN Capabilities by Platform

The following Table lists the features and capabilities of Cisco ONE for WAN. The top part of the table lists the features for Cisco ONE Foundation for WAN across the different platforms. The bottom part of the table lists features for Cisco ONE WAN Collaboration.

Features and Capabilities of Cisco ONE for WAN

Features and Capabilities of Cisco ONE for WAN

More info of Cisco ONE for WAN Data Sheet from

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