Cisco Strengthens Cloud Networking and Security with Isovalent Acquisition

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Cisco Systems has finalized its acquisition of Isovalent, a leading provider of open-source, cloud-native networking and security solutions. This acquisition marks a significant step for Cisco as it reinforces its commitment to delivering secure, multi-cloud networking services.

Strategic Integration for Enhanced Security:

Isovalent’s cutting-edge technologies will play a pivotal role in Cisco’s Security Cloud strategy, which focuses on delivering AI-powered security solutions. By integrating Isovalent’s capabilities into its security platform, Cisco aims to provide comprehensive edge protection for all workloads across various cloud environments.

A Cornerstone of Cisco’s Security Cloud Strategy:

The combination of Cisco and Isovalent will enable the development of robust edge protection mechanisms, ensuring the security of workloads across diverse cloud infrastructures. This strategic alignment underscores Cisco’s dedication to offering innovative security solutions that address the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

Platform Approach to Security:

Cisco’s acquisition of Isovalent aligns with its broader strategy of transitioning towards a platform-based approach to security. By consolidating its security offerings into a unified platform, Cisco aims to simplify security operations for organizations while providing comprehensive protection against cyber threats.

Investment in Partner Ecosystem:

Cisco has demonstrated its commitment to supporting its partner ecosystem, particularly in the realm of security. With a significant investment of $100 million in security-focused initiatives for partners, Cisco aims to empower its partners to deliver value-added security services to customers.

Nurturing Open-Source Communities:

Founded in 2017, Isovalent has been a prominent contributor to the open-source community, particularly through its contributions to projects such as Cilium and eBPF. Cisco reaffirms its commitment to supporting these open-source initiatives and fostering collaboration within the cloud-native ecosystem.

Leadership and Integration:

The Isovalent team, renowned for their expertise in cloud-native networking and security, will join Cisco’s Security Business Group under the leadership of Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President, and General Manager of Security and Collaboration. This integration will leverage the collective strengths of both organizations to drive innovation and deliver best-in-class security solutions.


Cisco‘s acquisition of Isovalent represents a strategic move towards strengthening its position in the cloud networking and security landscape. By integrating Isovalent’s advanced technologies into its Security Cloud strategy, Cisco aims to empower enterprises with enhanced edge protection and security capabilities across multi-cloud environments. As Cisco continues to invest in its partner ecosystem and support open-source initiatives, it reinforces its commitment to driving innovation and delivering value to customers in an increasingly interconnected digital world. Explore more at

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