How to Pair a Bluetooth Device with IP Phone 8800?

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After you have configured the Bluetooth Settings on your IP Phone, how to pair a Bluetooth Device with your IP Phone 8800? Read the following steps.

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Step1. Power on the Bluetooth headset or turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device to make it available for pairing.

Step2. Press the Applications button on your IP Phone.

Step3. Choose Bluetooth using the Navigation cluster button.

Step4. Choose Devices then press the Navigation cluster button.

Step5. Press the Scan softkey to search for available Bluetooth devices.

The IP Phone will start scanning for available Bluetooth devices. Once done, all detected Bluetooth devices will be displayed.

Step6. Press the up or down button of the Navigation cluster button to choose your preferred Bluetooth device then press the Connect softkey.

Note: In this example, AWEI MUSIC is chosen. To pair a mobile device with your IP Phone, click here for instructions.

Once the Bluetooth device has been paired, a check icon will be displayed next to the configured device.

Step7. Press the Back button on your IP Phone to go back to the Bluetooth settings screen.

Step8. Press the Set softkey to save the configured Bluetooth device.

You should now have successfully paired your Bluetooth device with your Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series Multiplatform Phone.

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