Huawei Mate Xs vs. Samsung Galaxy Fold: Who is the strongest folding device?

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In 2019, when most users are still immersed in the stunning visual sense brought by the era of full-screen, folding screen mobile phones have also come into reality from the concept and officially landed on the market. After Samsung released the first mainstream folding screen mobile phone, domestic brands were not outdone and showed their own folding device concept, but only Huawei officially launched Huawei Mate X. I still remember that at the 19th MWC conference, Huawei Mate X came into our vision with “what should the future folding screen mobile phone be?”. Today, at the recent Huawei overseas conference, the upgraded version of Huawei Mate Xs tried to tell Our “how to use folding screen phones in the future?”

As a more mature folding screen device, Huawei Mate Xs has breakthroughs and improvements in design, hardware, and software. Better resource integration can bring users a better interactive experience. It should be noted that last year, both Samsung and Huawei postponed the release of folding screen phones, and we also saw some inevitable problems that were irresistible at the initial stage of the development of new things. So consumers are still worried about Huawei Mate Xs: is it good or not? Does the quality pass? What are the advantages and disadvantages? The so-called practice shows that we will compare Huawei Mate Xs with Samsung Galaxy Fold in terms of design, hardware configuration, hands-on experience, and taking pictures. Maybe we can give some answers to your questions.


The most public concern for folding screen phones is naturally the folding design. This time Huawei Mate Xs still uses the “eagle wing” scheme, commonly known as screen folding. The Samsung Galaxy Fold uses a double-sided screen design, the large screen is folded inward, and there is a small secondary screen after folding, but the body is very narrow and long, and it will be a bit uncomfortable to use. In comparison, the advantage of Huawei Mate Xs is that it is a current mainstream full-screen mobile phone after folding, and the body is almost completely symmetrical after folding. As a daily main machine, Huawei Mate Xs is more practical.

According to the official introduction, the dual-layer aerospace-grade polyimide flexible material used in the Huawei Mate Xs screen is a plastic screen because it is a flexible screen. Although the double-layer polymer structure design makes the screen more safe and durable, and the screen surface layer is also accompanied by a custom protective film, but you need to be more careful when using it. Samsung Galaxy Fold has also made a lot of efforts to protect the screen. In addition to the edge of the protective film, there are some black raised parts around the screen as buffer points to protect the screen. In addition, the two folding screen phones are not dust-proof and waterproof. Overall, although Huawei and Samsung have done their best, the durability is still far less than the glass screen. But having said that, who is currently planning to fold the phone is strong and durable?

The key element of the folding screen is the hinge design in addition to the screen. The newly upgraded Huawei Mate Xs will improve the hinge more integrated. The previous five-part hinge has become an oval whole, and the upper and lower parts are covered with rubber. The mobile phone is more refined and concise at a glance. Compared with aesthetics, Huawei Mate Xs is more important to improve the sealing of the hinge part, which can reduce the entry of dust, so as to better protect the mobile phone. The hinge part on the front of the fuselage is still faintly visible with creases, but in daily use and when watching videos, its influence is negligible and can be ignored.

Samsung Galaxy Fold’s double hinges have been locked, the main purpose is still to protect the fuselage. When folding, you can feel the obvious resistance, along with the unique sound effects built into Samsung, which is very interesting and fresh, but you do n’t have to worry about it going bad, Samsung said it has a folding life of 2 million times. Similarly, when looking for hinge creases with the help of reflection, it is present and visible, and the screen will not be noticed when the light is used.

In terms of specific parameters, Huawei Mate Xs uses an 8-inch display with a resolution of 2480 x 2200; after folding, the screen size is 6.6 inches with a resolution of up to 2480 x 1148. In a certain sense, it is more in line with the definition of a folding screen mobile phone, and it also truly realizes the arbitrary switching between the mobile phone and the tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Fold main screen is 7.3 inches with a resolution of 1536 x 2152; the secondary screen is 4.9 inches with a resolution of 840 x 1960. The highlight is that although it is not a screen, it can achieve a seamless connection between applications.

Hardware Configuration

Hardware is also a major aspect of the Huawei Mate Xs upgrade. It is equipped with Huawei’s latest Kirin 990 5G chip. Compared with the previous generation Kirin 980+ external baseband, its advantage lies in the 7nm + EUV process and the direct integration of the 5G baseband on the CPU. The body is not bloated, and the performance is improved. The reduction in power consumption is also obvious. It is worth mentioning that the Kirin 990 5G chip is also the world’s first integrated 5G baseband processor that supports SA + NSA dual-mode network groups. If the previous 5G mobile phones were all “fake 5G”, then Huawei Mate Xs is definitely a true 5G mobile phone like a fake replacement.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it is equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor and supports an ultra-high memory combination of 12GB + 512GB. We will not repeat them here. On the one hand, everyone already knows enough about the Snapdragon 855. On the other hand, it is naturally unfair to compare Huawei’s latest processor with Qualcomm’s previous generation processor. But even after a year, Samsung Galaxy Fold’s performance is still very powerful. Below we look at the actual use.

Use Huawei Mate Xs to open the “Peace Elite” game, keep it in high frame rate mode, the picture is smooth, without dropping frames or freezing. After one game, there was no obvious heat generation in the body. After two games, the body began to have a slight heat, and the heat dissipation performance was very good. It is reported that Huawei Mate Xs has added graphite heat dissipation below the phone screen for better and more balanced heat dissipation.

Next is the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which also opens the “Peace Elite” game. In a 30-minute game with a high frame rate, the frame is rarely dropped, and the screen has been very smooth and does not freeze. But compared to Huawei Mate Xs, Samsung Galaxy Fold consumes electricity faster and heats up faster. It has to be said that the latest folding screen mobile phone still takes into account more, and the overall integration of resources is better.

In terms of batteries, Huawei Mate Xs provides two batteries with a total capacity of 4500mAh, which is not much different from mainstream flagships. However, considering the extreme compression of the thickness of the fuselage, it seems to be readily acceptable. In addition, Huawei Mate Xs supports 55W fast charging technology. As far as official data is concerned, it can be charged to 85% in 30 minutes. Because of the optimization and integration of hardware performance, the power usage control is better, and the battery life is good.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is also two left and right batteries, with a total capacity of 4380mAh, supports 15W charging rate, and is not compatible with other Samsung 25W chargers and 45W chargers. In comparison, Huawei Mate Xs still has obvious advantages, but from the point of view of use, Samsung Galaxy Fold can support a medium-to-light use of an office worker for one day, and it has about 35% of electricity at night.

Software Service

A good flagship mobile phone is inseparable from the power of hardware and the ecological experience of software. This is especially true for foldable screen phones. At present, the only thing that prevents consumers from entering the foldable screen is the price, that is, whether their software services can be optimized. Huawei naturally took this issue into consideration. As early as before, Huawei established the first folding screen application ecological alliance with industry developers to determine the interaction specifications of folding screen devices. Huawei Mate Xs will benefit from it. Mate Xs can be switched freely before and after folding, including flipping the camera body in the folded state to take pictures, and the interaction of the three screen states is very continuous.

In addition, Huawei Mate Xs supports multitasking and split screen. The side task bar can add applications by itself. When the page is already open, you can slide out the task bar from the edge of the fuselage to add split screen tasks. This is also the main feature of Huawei this time. “Parallel horizon”. Daily entertainment can be achieved while chatting while chasing dramas, and for some simple tasks, Huawei Mate Xs split-screen multi-tasking operation may also be a small helper.

The blessing of smart split screen makes the realization of the above functions more simple. In use, it is found that Huawei Mate Xs supports up to three independent applications running. When running an app on each of the left and right sides, it is also possible to drag out a chat, Send a message window. In addition, the machine also supports software-to-software transmission and interaction. Pictures can be dragged directly into documents, and memo notes can also be dragged directly to mailboxes. The improvement of the interactive experience brings the improvement of user experience.

Samsung Galaxy Fold also pays great attention to software services. It is mainly aimed at the interaction between the small secondary screen and the large main screen. From the current perspective, the continuity between applications is still quite good. The continuity of the applications allows us to open the applications when the phone is folded, and then continue to use these applications seamlessly on the big screen. The reverse is also true. Fold the phone during large-screen navigation, and the small screen will continue to navigate for you. But the premise is that you need to check the application you need in the display settings to allow arbitrary switching between applications.

Like Huawei Mate Xs, Samsung Galaxy Fold supports up to three applications for multitasking. Samsung further stated that the possibility of multiple active windows is endless. In comparison, Samsung’s advantage is that it can support more applications for multi-tasking split-screen use, but Samsung has not solved the problem that some applications cannot be adapted on the Galaxy Fold. But in the early days of folding screens, the pain points do exist, but more innovation and progress.

Photo comparison

The Huawei Mate Xs can be said to be completely on par with the flagship machine, with a four-lens rear Leica camera and a self-timer function. It includes a 40-megapixel main lens, a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, an 8-megapixel telephoto lens, and a TOF lens that supports up to 30x hybrid zoom.

Judging from the proofs, thanks to the super-large photosensitive element of the main camera, the light input and sensitivity have been significantly improved. The performance is excellent when the outdoor is well-lit, the focusing speed is very fast, and the display of the film in terms of color, sharpness, contrast, saturation or details is no worse than that of Huawei’s high-end flagship products.

In addition, its advantages are also reflected in the night scene shooting. From the sample point of view, when shooting outdoors with insufficient lighting, the highlights and shadows are obvious and natural, and the noise and exposure are well controlled. The performance of the screen brightness is almost beyond the imagination of the author, and the dynamic range and white balance are very stable. The rich performance of the picture also gives a sense of “clean and tidy”

Super wide-angle samples also perform well. Samples taken in large scenes have good image quality, but as far as wide-angle cameras are concerned, their field of view is narrower than competitors. However, it is not a problem for ordinary users’ daily needs.

In the backlight environment, Huawei Mate Xs can also capture more dynamic range. Both the dark foreground area and the bright background have good contrast and exposure, and the light and dark details are very rich.

Let’s look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which has a total of six cameras with a combination of 1 + 2 + 3, which are the 10MP selfie camera on the secondary screen, the 10MP + 8MP selfie camera on the main screen, and the 12MP rear camera Lens + 12-megapixel telephoto lens + 16-megapixel ultra wide-angle lens.

Among them, the ultra-wide-angle shooting performance is very eye-catching, supporting an ultra-wide field of view of 123 °. From the sample point of view, the width and breadth of the picture are excellent among similar products. The color of the picture is clear and fidelity, and the attack is also very rich. For users who like to shoot large scenes such as buildings and landscapes, they can hardly pick out any problems.

When shooting night scenes, the Samsung Galaxy did not perform as well as the Huawei Mate Xs. First, there was insufficient light input, and then there was more noise and details became blurred.

When shooting a distant view, you can clearly see the buildings in the distant view under zooming, including the structure and windows of the building. Let’s look at the characters on the surface of the water, the rowing action and the snuggle are clear enough. Overall, the details are not bad.


In general, Huawei Mate Xs has undergone a comprehensive and conservative upgrade. The flexible screen is more durable and the hinge design is more reasonable; the hardware performance is the same as the flagship machine of the same period, and the large screen can also have powerful performance; a more convenient software interaction ecology The system effectively improves the “easy-to-use” degree of the folding mobile phone, which can bring higher efficiency to life, work, and entertainment; taking pictures also continues Huawei’s usual strength, and the night scene mode is particularly amazing. Obviously, Huawei has made its latest foldable as cutting-edge as possible, but compatibility and durability are still a pain point. The performance of the Samsung Galaxy Fold needless to say, as the first mainstream folding device, Samsung has done a good enough integration in all aspects. It seems too early to say that folding screens must be the future trend, but the efforts of many manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei and the results we have seen all show that the future of folding devices is expected.

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