Cisco IPv6 Enabled Routers

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Which routers are IPv6 enabled? Can anybody suggest me any IPv6 enabled routers? (Please give the detailed information, like brand, type etc.)

Alright, Cisco focuses on training, routers, switches, wireless access points, optical networking and information security. As the Internet moves on, more IPv4 addresses become depleted. These 32-bit IP addresses are limited to approximately 4 billion totals.
, a successor to IPv4, resolves the issue by using 128-bit addressing systems. The Internet operates by transferring data between hosts in small packets that are independently routed across networks as specified by an international communications protocol known as the Internet Protocol. This provides plenty of addresses. So many, in fact, that every person alive could be assigned trillions of IP addresses. This different addressing scheme requires routers capable of supporting it.


Cisco makes a number of IPv6 compatible routers for all different budgets.

Cisco Catalyst 4500Cisco catalyst 4500 switches

The Cisco Catalyst 4500 delivers 848 gigabits per second with 48 gigabits per second per slot. It has up to 240 power-providing Ethernet ports that deliver up to 30 watts of power each. It is a foundation model that is the leading seller for large campus networks. The U.S. government has tested the model and certified it as compliant with IPv6 standards.

Notes: More features of Cisco Catalyst 4500 switches

Performance and Density:

848 Gbps fabric with 48 Gbps per slot

Industry’s first enterprise switch delivering up to 60 Watts of PoE power per port with Cisco UPOE

Industry’s highest PoE+ port density with up to 240 ports of full 30 Watt PoE+

Application Performance:

Unprecedented layer 2 – 4 application visibility and control with Flexible NetFlow

Only modular access platform that can guarantee Service Level Agreements with IP SLA


Cisco TrustSec with 802.1ae (MACSec) hop-by-hop encryption and Security Group Tags (hardware-ready)

Anomaly and malware prevention through predefined, policy-based responses with Flexible NetFlow

High Availability:

Protect against attacks with Control Plane Policing

Minimize unplanned downtime with Nonstop Forwarding and Stateful Switchover

Eliminate maintenance downtime with In Service Software Upgrade

Extend power resiliency to a wide range of devices including VDI terminals, IP Turrets, compact switches, personal telepresence systems, and more with Cisco UPOE

Operational Efficiency:

In Service Software Upgrades for industry leading availability

Zero-touch, intelligent provisioning through Auto SmartPorts, AutoInstall and AutoQoS

Comprehensive automation with Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager

Proactive diagnostics and remediation with Cisco Smart Call Home

Industry-leading power management with Cisco EnergyWise


Cisco 1800 Series RoutersCisco ISR 1800

The Cisco Integrated Service Router 1800 is a compact router designed for small offices. It offers wireless capabilities and supports VPN tunneling and power over Ethernet. The device offers Cisco’s router security configurations, allowing you to deploy firewall rules over IPv6 specifications. The U.S. government has certified this router as IPv6 capable.




Cisco 7600

Cisco 7600 routers provide 720 gigabits per second of transfer. It has a number of adapters and dedicated processors that control audio, video and data quality of service management. Optimized for the high-bandwidth requirements of video-on-demand services, it has features that physically protect your data and network bandwidth from unauthorized access. Designed for service providers, the router is meant to deliver large amounts of information to a diverse pool of clients. The U.S. government has certified this router as IPv6 ready.

Key features & Applications of Cisco 7600VXRCisco 7600VXR

Important Features:

  • High performance, with up to 720 Gbps in a single chassis, or 40 Gbps capacity per slot
  • A choice of form factors purpose-built for high availability
  • Cisco I-Flex design: A portfolio of shared port adapters (SPAs) and SPA interface processors (SIPs) that controls voice, video, and data experiences
  • Scalable and extensible suite of hardware and software capabilities to enable intelligent Carrier Ethernet services
  • Integrated Video Call Admission Control with innovative visual quality of experience for both broadcast and video on demand (VoD)
  • Intelligent Services Gateway, providing scalable subscriber and application awareness with multidimensional identity capabilities and policy controls
  • Integrated Session Border Control with quality of experience in both Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and non-SIP applications


  • Carrier Ethernet: Aggregation of consumer and business service
  • Ethernet services edge: Personalized IP services
  • Wireless mesh networking and mobility service convergence
  • IP/MPLS provider edge routing
  • Enterprise WAN aggregation
  • Headquarters core routing

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