Dangbei F3 Projector: The Best Smart Projector For 2021

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Many people will look at a large white wall in a daze after newly renovating their house: “Should I configure a projector?”. I believe there are many friends who have had this idea, and the current smart projection is developing rapidly. Even if it has been decorated and there is no reserved wiring, the projector can be configured very conveniently and quickly. Today I will introduce to you, the best projector recommended in 2021, what brand is the best projector, and what brand of projector is best to use?

First of all, we start from our own budget. For example, if we just want to experience an entry-level projector, a budget of US$500-700 is sufficient. At this price, the requirements for the brightness and color of the screen are relatively high, and the first consideration is the screen experience it brings. And if the price can reach the flagship level of $1,000, then at this stage, the difference in brightness and screen is very small, and basically each performance is only a small difference. The more critical point is the gap in user experience, personalized functions, and human-computer interaction.

Just talk about one of the simplest but most important parts: autofocus and keystone correction. Compared with traditional projectors, smart projectors have greatly improved in these two aspects. Just like Dangbei F3 projector, it is equipped with dual TOF+CMOS camera modules, which can realize non-inductive autofocus and non-inductive keystone correction. After turning on the machine, you can adjust the image automatically without any additional adjustments, even for novices can get started easily.

There is also the far-field voice function. This function is generally not decentralized to mid-range models, mostly flagship models. Dangbei F3 projector is equipped with 4 silicon microphones far-field voice, just say the wake-up word “hello, Dangbei” to wake up the voice assistant, and then say “I want to watch a movie”, “play in full screen”, “sound a little bit”, etc. Command, the projector will automatically execute the command, free your hands and no longer use the remote control.

In addition, Dangbei F3 projector also has MEMC motion compensation function, which allows you to enjoy the smooth picture; 2D to 3D, global 3D playback function, shocking picture makes you immersive; dual USB3.0 interfaces, external mobile hard disk viewing also Carefree; 4+64G large memory, as many third-party software as you want to install; wireless Bluetooth connection, wireless headset, gamepad, mouse and keyboard can be connected, large screen can also play games.

Rich and diverse functions can be said to be the biggest advantage of current home smart projectors. If you want to add a home projector to your home this year, Dangbei F3 Projector must be your best choice.

If you’re interested in Dangbei F3 Projector, welcome to contact us (sales@router-switch.com) or order now: Dangbei F3 Projector.

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