Buyer Guide: 5 Tips When Choosing IP Phones

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With the pursuit of efficient and convenient working methods, mobile office and distributed teams are becoming more and more popular. The collaborative space is no longer limited to regular meeting rooms. It may be a desk or a coffee shop that provides Wi-Fi. The space style has gradually changed to a relaxed and casual atmosphere. How to use any equipment to carry out collaborative communication anytime, anywhere is the common goal of enterprises.

Voice collaboration is one of the important channels for communication and cooperation between teams and individuals, and conference phones, desk IP phones and even mobile phones can ensure that people can make appointments and join meetings at any place. Among them, desktop IP phones have stronger advantages in scalability, convenience, functionality, and investment protection than traditional fixed-line phones.

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In order to ensure the long-lasting and efficient output of office workers, this article will share tips of the desk IP phone purchase for enterprise reference.

  1. HD audio

If you want voice collaboration to run efficiently in all environments, you must ensure that each participant’s speech can be heard clearly. IP phones transmit voice data based on the network. Network delay, jitter, packet loss, and acoustic echo all affect their call quality. System designers must properly address these issues.

  1. Support SIP

SIP is an application layer signaling control protocol used to create, modify, and release one or more participants’ sessions. The system based on SIP protocol has the characteristics of simple structure and easy development, and can also well carry various services such as voice and image. The compatibility of SIP reflects the strength and level of supplier R & D.

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  1. Product configuration

(1) LED display

In order to achieve visual operation and provide an extraordinary user experience, the trend of color screen is irreversible.

(2) Headset and earpiece

Compatible with a dedicated headset jack and hearing aid is standard in the call center.

(3) Function keys

With flexible custom shortcut soft keys, “Home” function keys, “Select” keys, volume control keys, feature function keys, you can operate the desk phone simply and quickly.

(4) USB interface

Through the USB interface can support more applications, such as media, storage, etc.

(5) Open application platform

Optional models support HTML5, CSS, SSL security and JavaScript functions, APP SDK and API for third-party enterprise and personal applications.

(6) Multilingual user interface

The more languages ​​a desktop phone supports, the wider the range of people it can be used for.

  1. Component quality

Is very different from the hardware, the components are commonly known as the “internal power” of the desk phone. Its quality is mainly reflected in its performance in different environmental conditions (temperature, humidity), daily use probability, equipment life and other aspects.

  1. After-sales service

After-sales service is also an important part of the purchase of desktop IP phones. High-quality after-sales service is the supplier’s commitment and the product of the brand economy.

* Recommended Brands of IP Phones

(1) Cisco IP Phones

Cisco provides easy-to-use IP phones for various needs of business, including Cisco 7800 series, Cisco 8800 series, etc. Check the price now.

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(2) Huawei IP Phones

Huawei IP phones provide three series: eSpace 6805, eSpace 7900 Series IP Phones, and eSpace 8950 Video Phones. The eSpace 6805 delivers LCD screen, HD wideband voice and dual FE network ports (10 Mbit/s and 100 Mbit/s) for PoE and one RJ-9 headset port. The eSpace 7900 delivers full-band HD voice, two GE ports that support PoE and support local 6-party conference calls. The eSpace 8950 has 8-inch screen plus 1,280 x 800 pixels and 178° view. Check the price now.

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