Cisco Allies with Xerox on Managed Print, Outsourced Cloud Services

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As buddies, CISCO and Xerox will ally to bring more managed print services, mobile print services and cloud IT outsourcing to solution providers, particularly to Cisco partners who haven’t delved into managed print arena, said executives.

“Xerox and Cisco think networking and print managed services are a great combination. They’re like peanut butter and jelly,” said Rick Dastin, president of Xerox Enterprise Business Group. “And it tastes good too.”

The solutions CISCO and Xerox offered will benefit customers as the list below.

A. Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS) over Cisco Borderless Networks: The partners mean to consolidate IT and print management using the network’s embedded security, WAN optimization and Internetwork Operating System (IOS) software. It will monitor print technology and supposedly reduce operating costs, protect confidential data from any location, and improve employee productivity with advanced mobile and cloud printing applications.

B. Xerox Cloud ITO Services built on Cisco’s UCS and Vblock infrastructure: It will accelerate customer rollout of new IT services, so they can respond better to changing needs of the workforce and reduce IT costs through a private, public or hybrid cloud environment. These infrastructure-as-a-service and cloud consulting services as well as private cloud deployments will come from ACS, a Xerox company.

C. Xerox Mobile Print Solution on Cisco virtual desktop clients and its Cius tablet: Mobile workers will be able to print from any e-mail-enabled device including Cisco’s virtual desktops clients and Cius tablets to any enabled printer using Cisco Borderless Networks and Wireless LAN solutions from any location.

As we known, Cisco has many partners, such as famous Dell and Microsoft; they also have some items to be buddies. What surprise will Cisco bring to Cisco users and customers; we are looking forward to it.


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