Quick A&Q to Know Cisco 2800 Series Routers Well

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For Small to Medium-Sized businesses and enterprise branch office, Cisco router 2800 series is a very great choice when you need to buy a flexible and powerful router. Why to say that? Yeah, better performance, solid reliability, versatility of use, a plethora of WAN interfaces and network modules, and each advantage of Cisco 2800 series routers lets you not refuse it.

A&Q for Cisco 2800 Series

Yet maybe only these cannot persuade you to be sure of Cisco router 2800 series. Now, check the following quick A and Q for Cisco 2800 series routers in details:

Q: What’s the Cisco 2800 series routers like? What kind of company does it fit?

A: Cisco 2800 Series, the replacement for the 2600 Series can be used for a small, midsized, or large organization. Its biggest advantage is the versatility.

Four models in Cisco 2800 series:

2801: 2 DSP, 2FE, 2HWIC, 2VWIC/VIC, 0NME (Network Module Enhanced), 1Rack unit (RU)

2811: 2 DSP, 2FE, 2HWIC, 4 HWIC, 1NME, 1RU

2821: 3 DSP, 2GE, 2HWIC, 4 HWIC, 1NME or 1NME-X, 2RU

2851: 3 DSP, 2GE, 2HWIC, 4 HWIC, 1NME or NMD/NME-X/NME-XD, 2RU


Q: What network modules do we can install in the Cisco 2800 series?

A: You can install a range of network modules, details as follows:

36 port Ethernet switch with PoE

32 port sync

8 port voice/fax module

Content engine with hard drive

Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Cisco Unity Express (voicemail)

Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM)

3G cellular WAN interface card

Wireless LAN controller

IP VSAT module

802.11a/b/g WLAN module

8 port HWIC module (to add 8 more HWIC cards)

Take Cisco 2821 as an example, you can install 2 x 32 port Cisco Ethernet switch modules with PoE and use this router as a 64 port switch.

P. S: The Cisco 2800 Series supports the Cisco IOS, which provides options security, such as the integrated stateful firewall, the Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM), 1500 VPN tunnels, Gig Ethernet, and redundant power (except for the 2801 router).


Q: Where can I purchase a new/used/refurbished Cisco 2800 series router at a competitive price?

A: We know that Cisco have so many Cisco suppliers and providers around the world. Different areas have different price lists. As I know, RouterSwitch.com is a good platform for you to not only buy a genuine Cisco 2800 router but also all kinds of other Cisco routers such as Cisco 800 series, Cisco 1800, Cisco 1900, Cisco 2900, etc., Cisco switches including catalyst 2960, 3560, 3750, 4500, 6500,etc. Cisco Firewalls Security: Cisco ASA 5500 series/PIX Firewall/IPS 4200 series, etc. Besides huge inventory in stock, up to 1 year warranty, flexible secure payment and shipment, you can get a Cisco router or Cisco switch or other Cisco network equipments at a very competitive price.

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