How to Configure the Static Routing Protocol on Cisco 2800 Routers?

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Cisco 2800 routers include protocols designed to dynamically update network routing tables and ease network administration. However, there are certain network configurations, such as when connecting the Cisco 2800 router to an Internet Service Provider network through a high-speed serial line, in which a static routing configuration is preferred.Setup Static Routes on Cisco 2800 Series Routers


Things You’ll Need

  • Cisco 2800 router with telnet enabled
  • Privilege Exec password for the Cisco 2800 router
  • Telnet password for the Cisco 2800 router
  • Windows 7 computer with Microsoft telnet software installed
  • IP address of the Cisco 2800 series router
  • Network connection between the Cisco 2800 router and the Windows 7 computer
  • IP address of the network default gateway
  • Network addresses to which the router must forward network traffic


Steps to configure the Static Routing Protocol on Cisco 2800 Routers

1. Select the “Globe” start button on the Windows 7 computer desktop, then click the “Search” box and type “cmd.” Right-click the command line icon that appears in the upper left pane, and then select “Run as Administrator” in the menu that appears.

2. Enter “telnet” in the command line window, but replace the “” with the IP address of a Cisco router. Tap the “Enter” key to connect using telnet, then type the telnet password on the command prompt when requested and tap the “Enter” key.

3. Type the “enable” command on the command prompt, then tap the “Enter” key. Enter the Privilege Exec password for the Cisco router on the command prompt when requested, and then touch the “Enter” key.

4. Enter “config term” at the command prompt and tap the “Enter” key. Then type “ip routing” and tap the “Enter” key to enable routing on the router.

5. Enter “ip route” on the command line, replacing the “” with the address of a network to which you want the Cisco 2800 to forward traffic, replacing “” with the subnet mask of the network address, and replacing “” with the IP address of the router or gateway device through which the traffic will be forwarded to the destination network. Tap the “Enter” key to issue the command. Repeat for each static route that needs to be configured on the router.

6. Type “end” on the command prompt and press the “Enter” key. Type “copy run star” on the command prompt. Press the “Enter” key to save the configuration.


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