Cisco Interview Questions Help You Be a Cisco Staff

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INTERVIEW is so common for us, but the more important is something special in an interview. Yeah, to be special or to show your special talent may deeply impress your interviewer. An interview always contains many parts that test Your IQ and EQ. Are you ready for all of these? Not sure? Now, if you need to finish an interview like CISCO’S, how will you answer these questions that are collected by some interviewee as follows:

IQ Test: Cisco Interview Qs for Network Engineer

One CCNP’s interview experience for Cisco

1) Observe the following static route:

ip route Gig1/1

  • What is an advantage of referencing interface Gig1/1 instead of a next-hop?
  • What is a disadvantage

2) What is a “floating static” route?

3) What is a route-map? Name three configurations that might reference a route-map.

4) Observe the follow access-list:

ip access-list extended OUTSIDE_ACL
deny any

This ACL is applied inbound to an interface. Will inbound traffic destined to be
allowed or denied?

5) An inbound extended ACL named ALLOW_IN exists on your company Border Router. It is applied to the “outside” interface with the “access-group ALLOW_IN in” command. A junior admin accidentally deletes ACL_ALLOW_IN from the running-config. Is inbound traffic permitted or denied on the outside interface? Why?

6) Your company wants to configure an Internet Border Router with the following policy: Any traffic leaving the internal network destined to the internet is permitted. Traffic sourced from the public internet addresses is to be controlled with and extended ACL applied inbound and to the outside (internet facing) interface. An internal user wants to be able to browse a website at port 80 from his PC with source IP

Does the ACL need to be modified to permit the connection to If so, write an ACL statement that would facilitate the connection.

7) What is a jumbo packet? How would you enable jumbo packet support on a Cisco device? Since configuration steps very between devices/models, choose any device and explain.

8) Write the CLI statements for configuring an industry-standard trunk link between two Cisco switches.

9) Write the CLI statements for configuring an etherchannel between two Cisco 3560 switches. Use two connections between ports G0/1 and G0/2 on each switch respectively. The etherchannel should be configured to disable negotiation between switches.

10) What is ACS and how is it used?

11) You have two Cisco routers with OSPF running on a single link between them. The subnet for the link is How would you configure the interfaces to bypass the DR election and immediately form an adjacency during start-up?

12) What is netflow and how is it used?

13) What Cisco feature is available on medium to upper level platform routers (6500, 7200, ASR series…) that allows you to view current traffic through the router at the CLI?

14) An OSPF area is configured as “totally stubby” What will “show ip route ospf” reveal at the CLI?

15) In your personal professional experience, have you worked with a company that had a public BGP number? What was the number(s)?

16) You are troubleshooting a connectivity issue from a PC within your network to a public site. The PC is using a custom application that forms a TCP connection to port 5555.

a) What common CLI tool can you use to test the connection from the PC?
b) You find that the connection is not forming. What very common application could you use to
analyze the connection attempts?

c) You suspect that the problem is not network related and is probably due to an issue at the far
end. The remote party confirms they are receiving your traffic. What indication seen with
this tool could support your claim?

17) Your company has the registered C-class range From your border router you will form a BGP peering relationship to an IP remote AS 1111. Your BGP peer has IP and your AS id 5555. You have two internal interfaces on your border router as well. The IP for one of these interfaces is the other is Write all necessary CLI commands to advertise your class-C range to AS 1111.

18) A router learns the following routes to destination

VIA OSPF: next-hop           VIA EIGRP: net-hop
VIA STATIC: next-hop            VIA RIP: next-hop

19) Please draw a layer 1 network diagram

20) Please draw a layer 2 network diagram

21) Please draw a layer 3 network diagram


EQ Test: Cisco HR Interview QuestionsEQ Test: Cisco HR Interview Questions

1) What are the names of your technical round interviewers

2) Do you know my name?

3) Tell me about yourself, your family background… so on…

4) What are you looking for in Cisco” or what attracts you or why do you want to join cisco.

5) Tell me a situation/ issue where you identified a problem on your own, and drove to resolve it.

6) Tell about most difficult team project u have worked on.

7) What type of work environment is suitable and which environment you hate/is frustrating?

8) Tell about the mistake you learned from

9) Tell about accomplishment you are proud of…

10) what have you learnt in 4 years of your BTech.

11) Give an example of biggest/most demanding team leading or you have talked about something to a group like given a presentation or seminar etc..

12) Describe a situation where you and your partner/professor had a conflicting view, but you were still able to get across your point or how did u get around obstacles that prevented you from completing the task/project.

13) Tell a situation in which you took the lead without being asked to do so and why? or you saw some opportunity which came suddenly and how did u react? or you found some your results or your work which were not up to the mark, what did u do to rectify? or done more than what was required? Or situations in which you found the job could be done much easier and others weren’t following it..? Or did some job which doesn’t come under your job role/description but was beneficial?

14) Tell me about your values in your life.

15) Tell us what you know about our company.

16) Tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses..

17) Interested in doing MS?

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