Video Show: “Lock it Down or Free it Up?”

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On February 29th, at the RSA 2012 conference in San Francisco, Christopher Young, Senior Vice President of Cisco Security, delivered a rousing keynote address “Lock It Down or Free It Up?”

“All of these business realities have dramatically amplified network complexity, requiring firewall administrators to choose between enabling the anytime, anywhere, any device access required for employee productivity, and the degree of security required to protect the business. In other words, they’re faced with the decision of what to do with their network and data – should they lock it down, or free it up?”


Video Show: “Lock it Down or Free it Up?”

The Cisco SecureX Framework is delivered through a set of aegis solutions:
* Cisco ASA CX Context-Aware Aegis extends the ASA belvedere to accommodate abysmal insights about what is accident throughout the network, to accommodate organizations with a abysmal akin of arrangement acumen and ascendancy enterprises charge to acquiesce accepted business traffic, while advancement the accomplished levels of security

* Cisco TrustSec 2.1, which leverages new accessory sensors that are chip into the arrangement to automatically ascertain and allocate all accessories adhering to the network; and broadens abutment for its avant-garde SGA technology for aberrant ascendancy with policy-based administration beyond the active and wireless infrastructure

* Cisco AnyConnect Defended Mobility, which provides defended limited connectivity amid the accumulated arrangement and a advanced ambit of devices, and delivers abundant advice on the type, location, and aspect of adaptable accessories afore they can admission the network

* Cisco Aegis Intelligence Operation (SIO), which delivers proactive, reputation-based blackmail aegis backed by all-around alternation – for near-real-time aegis from zero-day malware


The speech manuscript you can visit: Lock It Down Or Free It Up?

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