Introducing Huawei AR-3200 Routers

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Maybe you are not familiar with the Huawei network devices. Huawei, compared to Cisco, is the other leading networking giant in the world, and it established in China. Huawei is developing its loyalty base internationally. Yes, now, Huawei is the leading providers of information technology solutions, including wireless networking, security systems and telecommunication technologies, especially known for mobile devices.

In this article, we will introduce you a cool Huawei Router—The AR-3200 series.

Huawei AR3200 series enterprise routers are next-generation enterprise-class routers based on the Huawei proprietary Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), which take advantage of Huawei long-term accumulation in data communication, wireless, access network, and core network.

The AR3200 integrates routing, switching, 3G, voice, and security functions. It uses the multi-core CPU and non-blocking switching structure and provides industry-leading system performance and extensibility, meeting service development requirements in the future.

The AR3200 provides an integrated solution for enterprise networks, speeds up multi-service provision, and protects customers’ investments. The modular chassis allows customers to customize the router with interchangeable interface cards.

The AR3200 routers use embedded hardware encryption techniques and support a voice-optimized Digital Signal Processor (DSP). It supports firewall functions, call processing, voice mail, and other applications. The AR3200 routers support wired and wireless access modes, including E1/T1, xDSL, xPON, CPOS, 3G, and LTE.

The AR3200 provides one model: AR3260.



The AR3260 modular chassis allows customers to choose from two different main control boards and nine different interface cards that provide a wide array of service and performance options.

The main control boards are called Service and Router Units (SRUs).

AR3200 Models

The AR3200 routers support optional interface cards, including Ethernet, E1/T1/PRI/VE1, synchronous/asynchronous, ADSL2+/G.SHDSL, ISDN, CPOS, EPON/GPON and FXS/FXO voice cards. They are available inthe following formats: SIC (Smart Interface Card), WSIC (Double-Width SIC), and XSIC (Double-Height WSIC), depending on the number of slots available.

The following are the appearances and description of interface cards.


SIC card

SIC card-02

Features and Benefits-Huawei AR3200 Routers

Applications in one box, Reduce TCO

The AR3200 routers reduce equipment and deployment costs due to the integrated routing, switching, 3G, voice, and security functions into a single device. At the same time, The AR3200 realizes enterprises flexible access with rich interfaces adapting to a variety of terminals.

Industry-Leading Voice Quality and User Experience

Enterprise-class voice communication is flexible and efficient, as the AR3200 voice features integrate with data networks.

Secure Service Access Protects Networks and Users

While delivering enterprise-class network services, the AR3260 router provides robust network security. Comprehensive security solutions include user access control, packet detection, and active attack defense.

Integration of wireless and wired Functions

Wireless Access Modes

Wireless Access Modes

Wired Access Modes

Wired Access Modes

Better Experience, Business Continuity

Multi-cores architecture, Industry-Leading performance

The AR3200 routers use a multi-core CPU and non-blocking switching structure to provide industry-leading system performance.

  • The multi-core CPU speeds up concurrent data and voice service processing, supporting a large number of services.
  • Achieves maximum traffic throughput with non-blocking switching.
  • The bus channel bandwidth of a single slot is up to 10 Gbps.
  • Delivers high performance and service reliability through independent protocol management, service processing, and data switching.

To meet enterprise requirements for network expansion and rapid service deployment, the AR3200 routers:

  • Integrates routing and switching functions to simplify device configuration and maintenance by improving data switching efficiency between interface cards.

Low cost, High reliability

To guarantee the reliability of the equipment layer and network layer, the AR3200 series support hot-swap technology and redundant components design, a series of fault detection and judgment mechanisms, which can shorten the service interruption time.

  • Assures service reliability and network stability with hot-swappable interface cards and redundant components, including fan modules.
  • Link backup for enterprise services improves reliability.
  • MS level Fault detection mechanisms, shorten the service interruption time
  • Local survival, improve the voice reliability of branch network

Intelligent Service Deployment

As the enterprise grows, requirements for service deployment increase.

To meet these growing demands, the AR3200 routers provide convenient configuration options:

  • Mini-USB port to configure the devices using a GUI.
  • USB drive to configure devices for plug-and-play.
  • Auto-config feature to automatically distribute configurations to devices.

Cooperation platform, On Demand applications

Open Service Platform, Enterprise-level APP

The AR3200 routers provide a unified communication solution for enterprise customers. It uses the Open Service Platform (OSP) to interconnect with third-party IT systems. Customers, agents, third-party vendors, and manufacturers can develop unified communication systems by using the AR3200 routers.

  • Integrate and customize services quickly.
  • Save money and simplify management, as service integration does not require dedicated servers.
  • Services synchronized with cloud-side services and local services are processed locally, which improves service quality and efficiency.

Standard MIB provided by VRP, Simplified Network and Device Management

The AR3200 routers make network and device management simple:

  • Manage devices easily with the eSight network management system.
  • Monitor links in real time using the NQA feature.
  • Maintain peak network performance by using the NetStream feature to view traffic characteristics and statistics, as well as optimization according to usage.


More detailed examples related to Typical Application of AR-3200 series and Sample Deployments we will talk about in the following articles.

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