The Role of Huawei S5700 Series in a Network

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What’s the role of Huawei S5700 Series in a network? In brief, the S5700 series gigabit enterprise switches (S5700 for short) are next-generation energy-saving switches developed by Huawei to meet the demand for high-bandwidth access and Ethernet multi-service aggregation.

The S5700 is for use in various enterprise network scenarios. For example, it can function as an access or aggregation switch on a campus network, a gigabit access switch in an Internet data center (IDC), or a desktop switch to provide 1000 Mbit/s access for terminals.

Main FeaturesThe Huawei S5700 Series

  • Dual power slot
  • Intelligent stacking(iStack), supporting a maximum of 9 switches in a stack
  • Hardware BFD, hardware Ethernet OAM
  • Netstream
  • Energy-Efficient Ethernet(EEE)

It is available in a limited version (LI), a standard version (SI), an enhanced version (EI), and an advanced version (HI).

S5700 Switch

Differences among the Four Series of Huawei S5700

S5700LI vs. S5700SI vs. S5700EI vs. S5700HI…

Features LI SI EI HI
IPv4 Routing Protocol Static route Static route/RIP Static route/RIP/OSPF /BGP/ ISIS Static route/RIP/ OSPF/ BGP/ ISIS
IPv6 Routing Protocol Static route Static route/RIPng Static route/RIPng/ OSPFv3/ BGP4+/ ISIS for IPv6 Static route/RIPng/OSPFv3/BGP4+/ ISIS for IPv6
Multicast IGMP snooping/MLD snooping IGMP Snooping/MLD Snooping IGMP Snooping/MLD Snooping/IGMP/MLD /MSDP /PIM(IPv4)/ PIM(IPv6) IGMP Snooping/MLD Snooping/ IGMP/MLD/MSDP/PIM(IPv4) / PIM(IPv6)
MPLS Not supported Not supported MPLS LDP/MPLS TE/MPLS VPN
NOTE:Only the S5710-EI supports these functions.
OAM/BFD Software level Software level Software level S5700HI: Hardware level
S5710HI: Software level
Traffic analysis sFlow Not supported S5700EI: sFlow
S5710EI: NetStream/sFlow
iStack Stacking through service ports

NOTE: The S5700-10P-LI-AC, S5700-10P-PWR-LI-AC, S5700-28P-LI-BAT, S5700-28P-LI-24S-BAT and S5700S-LI do not support stacking.

Stacking through stack cards

NOTE: The S5700-26X-SI-12S-AC does not support stacking.

S5700EI: stacking through stack cards
S5710EI: stacking through service ports
S5700HI: stacking through service ports
S5710HI: Not supported

S5700 Series'Features

The Huawei S5700 Series Switches in a Campus Network

Huawei S5700 Series in the Networks

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