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When it enters into November, it means you come to the best shopping season! Yes, welcome to’s Pre-Christmas Sale 2016. In the days leading up to Christmas, prepares a big Pre-Christmas Sale for you. Which network product will you need to buy during the best months of shopping something?

Now, let’s take a look at what this leading network hardware supplier prepared for us.

There are four main parts in’s Pre-Christmas Sale: Flash Sale, Bundle Sale, Thanksgiving Sale and Free Gifts.

Which Sale are you interested in? Let’s see more details.

Flash Sale

The FLASH SALE will last 5 weeks. We will offer a batch of hot Cisco items with big discounts each week. There are 8 to 10 different Cisco items provided every week. If you want to buy some Cisco products at a better price, you can choose some right ones here.

Flash Sale in one Week


Not sure to set up a better and smarter network for your home, business or company? You should refer to some solutions and examples here. There are five set-up examples for small networks, medium networks and medium to large networks.

bundle-sale 2016

Set Up-Small Network


Thanksgiving Day is a surprising day. We prepare a lot of surprising Cisco items at a exciting price for you. Which one will make you excited? You can check here.


Thanksgiving Sale

Free Gifts

Free Gifts? Yes, you have CHANCE to get a free gift. No matter you are a regular or a new customer, you have a chance to get a free gift during’s Pre-Christmas Sale.

The Free gifts include limited edition mouse pad and T-Shirt, Cell Phone support/holder, bottle opener and Huawei Bluetooth headset.

FREE Gifts for Regulars & New Customers

You also can win a big gift for your big order. All the orders over $100,000 placed in this big SALE will receive a big gift.


More Notes

Pre-Christmas Sale Guidelines on

1. Our 2016 Pre-Christmas Sale happens from Nov 8, 2016 to Dec 12, 2016.

2. There are a wide range of Cisco and Huawei products at super-sale prices for a limited time.

3. There are 3 main promotions for you: Flash Sale, Thanksgiving Sale and Bundle Sale.

  • We offer the big discounts for hot Cisco and Huawei products in the flash Sale.
  • We prepare clearance sale for you on Thanksgiving Day.
  • We provide the Bundle Sale for you at a great bundle price.

4. All the regulars and new customers have a chance to get a free gift and win a big gift during the PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE.


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