Migrating to Cisco ASR 1001-X and 1002-X Application Services Routers

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The new Cisco ASR 1001-X and 1002-X Routers provide many more capabilities and at higher scale and performance. Customers are encouraged to migrate from the older ASR1001 and ASR1002 to the next-generation ASR1001-X and ASR1002-X.

The Cisco ASR 1001 and 1002 Routers have reached end of sale effective April 2016, with the final milestone dates for software maintenance and software security/ vulnerability support of August 1, 2018, and August 1, 2019 respectively.

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EoS and EoL News:

EOS notice for ASR 1001/1002:


EOS notice for Cisco IOS XE R3.16:


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