NICE Selected for Cisco’s SolutionsPlus Program

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NICE selected for its market leading suite of analytics-based business solutions and Workforce Optimization products, impacting every customer interaction

A long-standing Preferred Solutions Developer for Cisco, announced that they have expanded their relationship with Cisco, with NICE becoming a part of the Cisco SolutionsPlus program for Cisco MediaSense.

Cisco SolutionsPlus is a program that delivers a one-stop ordering experience for Cisco’s customers, channel partners, and sales teams for select third-party products and applications. Cisco will be offering NICE SmartCenter business solutions and the following Workforce Optimization products as part of their SolutionsPlus program: NICE Interaction Management, NICE Quality Management, and NICE Interaction Analytics.NICE Selected for Cisco's SolutionsPlus Program

John Hernandez, Vice President and General Manager of the Customer Collaboration Business Unit at Cisco, said, “We have been working with NICE for over a decade, and are now taking our relationship to the next level with NICE business solutions built on the Cisco MediaSense recording platform. Together, Cisco and NICE are providing innovative solutions to enterprises seeking to improve their understanding of customer interactions and increase the value of their contact centers. NICE was invited to become a SolutionsPlus member based on its market share leadership, excellent customer references, and proven service and support organization.”

“We are very selective on which products get into the Cisco SolutionsPlus Program, and the NICE offering provides a unique combination of solutions which can now be offered as an integral part by Cisco and our channel partners for impacting customer interactions,” Mr. Hernandez continued.

Udi Ziv, President of the NICE Enterprise Group, said, “We are excited about taking this important relationship with Cisco to the next level. Having been selected as a leading provider of such strategic contact center business solutions and workforce optimization products is a testament to the unique value add of the NICE offerings for increasing revenues, enhancing customer experience, improving regulatory compliance, and optimizing contact center operations. Our selection into the SolutionsPlus program will allow our customers to purchase a complete suite of contact center business solutions while maintaining a best-of-breed strategy, and will further increases NICE’s reach in the field.”

NICE has been a Cisco technology partner since 2000, and has achieved the highest level of Preferred Solution Developer in the Cisco Developer Network program. NICE interoperates with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Cisco MediaSense, and other Cisco products.

The NICE Enterprise offering addresses the needs of customer-centric businesses with intent-based solutions. Driven by real-time, cross-channel analytics, NICE provides solutions for increasing revenue, enhancing customer experience, improving regulatory compliance, and optimizing contact center and back office operations. NICE Enterprise solutions are implemented by contact centers of all sizes, branches, trading floors and back offices.


About NICE

NICE Systems is the leading provider of Insight from Interactions, offering comprehensive performance management and interaction analytics solutions for the enterprise and public safety and security markets. Advanced interaction analytics are performed on unstructured multimedia content-from telephony, Web, radio and video communications. NICE brings the power of Insight from Interactions to IP contact centers, branches, and command and control centers. NICE’s solutions are changing the way organizations make decisions, enabling them to proactively improve business and operational performance and address security threats. NICE serves over 25,000 organizations in the enterprise and security sectors, representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 150 countries, and including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies. More details of NICE you can visit:

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