Cisco Server vs. HPE Server vs. Dell Server

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There are many brands that providing servers in the market now. Which will you choose? How about Cisco, HPE or Dell?

  1. Server Market

Actually, compare to HPE and Dell, Cisco servers are not so hot. The image below tells us worldwide top 5 server companies from 2017 to 2018.



Dell commanded an 18.7 percent revenue market share and a 19.4 percent server shipment share, according to IDC. Coming in second is Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), on both analyst firm lists.

  1. Server Portfolio

Although Cisco servers are not popular, we still can find some benefits from Cisco UCS server family. This family provides us simply servers to use. Here shares you those main series of UCS family:

  • UCS B-Series Blade Servers: Improve server performance with a flexible, scalable architecture and lower TCO.
  • UCS C-Series Rack Servers: Address workload challenges through processing, memory, I/O, and storage capacity.
  • UCS S-Series Storage Servers: Get unified storage in an industry-standard form factor to reduce TCO.
  • UCS E-Series Blade Servers for ISR routers: Simplify the branch with a converged compute, network, and virtualization-ready platform.

Compare to Cisco, both of Dell and HPE have big families of servers.

This is an image of the HPE servers Portfolio Positioning:


(See HPE Servers Models>>>)

This image only includes the DL and ML series, but we know there are still other series, such as Apollo servers, Blade servers, etc.

For Dell, there are also various series:

  • PowerEdge Tower Servers: For businesses that require value, flexibility and a range of performance options. There are T140, T340, T440 and T640 series.
  • PowerEdge Rack Servers: Flexible designs to optimize your applications. There are R240, R230, R540, R640, R740, etc.
  • Modular Infrastructure, includes PowerEdge M Series, PowerEdge MX Series and PowerEdge FX Series.
  • Data Center Infrastructure, provides Dell Netshelter SX Racks, Dell KVM and KMM Solutions, Dell Smart-UPS.

(See Dell Servers Models>>>)

  1. Processor, Memory and Hard Drive

As one server always need to configure processor, memory, hard drive, and so on, what are the differences of Cisco, HPE and Dell servers?

For processor, all of them use Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. This processor family provide four types, bronze, silver, gold, platinum. As a leading chipset company, Intel processor may be the best choice for servers from many companies.

For memory and hard drives, there are various choices. There aren’t the best one, but only better one.

  1. Price of Server

Which company do it provide the best price? There is not only one answer. For different needs, each server can have different price. We can find Dell Entry-Level server is starting at $549.00 while the PowerEdge MX is starting at $3,329.00.

So how can we compare the price of Cisco servers, HPE servers and Dell servers?

A Price List Checking Tool can help you. Click the image below to use the tool.


After compare the products, market, price, which server will you choose? Leave your comment.


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