3 Questions to Consider When Choosing an HPE Gen10 Server

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HPE provide various series of servers to meet a variety of customers’ needs. There are ProLiant series (DL380 Gen10, DL360 Gen10, etc.), Apollo servers, Edgeline series and others. As the server family is so big, how can we choose a right one?

Here shares you an answer.

In order to choose the right system for your business needs, you should start by answering the right questions: what is the consumption model, what is the adoption strategy, what workloads are these systems accommodating.

What is the consumption model?

First, we need to decide if we will need pre-configured systems or have an IT staff able to build out the data center.

Second, consider the density. If we don’t have enough physical space, we need to ensure that compute density is maximized. It means that we need to consider what form factor is suitable, rack, tower, or blade platforms.

Finally, does the workload require hardware that is purpose-built to solve the compute needs? If yes, here shares the answer:

Type Small and midsize business Big Data and HPC IoT Cloud service provider Mission critical
Workloads Worry-free IT, cloud managed as a subscription Performance goes mainstream for HPE, Big Data Industrial IoT & next-gen workloads Open infrastructure & extreme scale Real-time, continuous business
Supported Series HPE ProLiant

Easy Connect

HPE Apollo,

HPE Moonshot

HPE Edgeline HPE Cloudline HPE integrity (Super dome X)

What is the adoption strategy?

When considering the adoption strategy, we should know if we will grow a consistent pace over time or it will be a net new project that is being deployed all at once. For example, if the project is a 2400-seat VDI migration, are they migrating 200 seats a month target completion in one year or are they migrating all 2400 seats at one time.

What workloads are these systems accommodating?

Finally, we need to know the workloads and applications that the systems will be running. HPE servers can meet our different needs. Here shares a table about the right compute for the right workload at the right economics

1. Consumption Model 2. Adoption strategy 3. Workload
Small and midsize business Enterprise Service Provider
Core enterprise Mission critical HPC, IoT, Big Data
HPE ProLiant servers and appliances HPE ProLiant servers/ HPE BladeSystem and HPE Synergy HPE integrity servers HPE Apollo, HPE Edgeline, HPE Moonshot servers HPE Cloudline servers
Efficient Versatile Resilient Density optimized Open

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