Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832, Affordable VoIP for Small Conference Rooms

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The IP Conference Phone 7832, new to the IP Phone 7800 Series, is the introduction of an audio conference phone which is ideal for your small conference/huddle rooms and private office desks.

Two color options (charcoal and white)

The new IP Conference Phone 7832 meets the needs of rooms up to 172 sq. feet (16 sq. meters) or up to 6 participants.

The 7832 features a sleek, contemporary design with delivery of powerful audio performance. It offers 360-degree hands-free VoIP communications with a microphone pickup range of 7ft (213 cm).

Users with 7800 Series phones will find the experience easy-to-use, as menus and navigation are common with the series’ desk phones. In turn, administratively it shares the same phone software as the 7800 Series desk phone models, reducing project management and user training costs for corporate IT.

The 7832 supports Cisco EnergyWise for reduced power consumption in-off work hours. It is an IEEE Power over Ethernet Class 2 endpoint.

The 7832 is deployable in the cloud with Cisco Spark and as of CYQ3 2017, will also support mid-size to large enterprises on-premises.

It is also available in support of Cisco approved UCaaS partner offers as a multiplatform phone.

Primary user features include:
  • 360-degree room coverage for spaces up to 172 square feet (16 square meters)
  • Microphone pickup up to 7 feet (213 centimeters) from the endpoint
  • Generous mute button to aid access from all sides of the endpoint
  • Raised edge to ease handling and repositioning at the table or desk
  • 3.4-inch (8.6-cm) backlit, monochrome, pixel-based display with an antiglare bezel to make viewing and interaction easier
Main administration features include:
  • 10/100 Power over Ethernet (Class 2), requiring no standalone power supply
  • Common firmware with other 7800 Series endpoints to simplify device management
  • Flexible deployment options include on-premises, hosted, and Cisco Spark cloud
  • Charcoal and white color options to fit your work environment
  • Enhanced security with Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA-2) support
Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832-Specifications at a Glance
Room size Small conference rooms, executive desks; spaces up to 172 square feet/16 square meters in size
Display 3.4-in., 384 x 128 backlit pixel monochrome LCD with anti-glare bezel
Network Port 10/100
Programmable soft keys 4
Full-duplex speakerphone Yes
Wideband audio Yes (G.722)
Security SHA-2, 802.1x, TLS 1.2, SRTP, AES-256K
Power over Ethernet (PoE) class Yes (Class 2)

Licensing-The Cisco IP Phone 7832 requires an Enhanced User Connect License (UCL) in order to connect to Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Buttons and Features

 Ordering Information
Product Number Description
CP-7832-K9= ●  Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832, Cisco Smoke
CP-7832-W-K9= ●  Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832, Cisco White
CP-7832-PWR-SPL= ●  POE power cable to work with Power Cube 3 for POE incapable LAN switches
CP-PWR-CUBE-3= ●  Cisco Power Cube 3 to work with POE power cable for wall power.
CP-PWR-CORD-AP= ●  Power Cord Asia Pacific
CP-PWR-CORD-AR= ●  Power Cord Argentina
CP-PWR-CORD-AU= ●  Power Cord Australia
CP-PWR-CORD-BZ= ●  Power Cord Brazil
CP-PWR-CORD-CE= ●  Power Cord Europe
CP-PWR-CORD-CN= ●  Power Cord China
CP-PWR-CORD-JP= ●  Power Cord Japan
CP-PWR-CORD-NA= ●  Power Cord North America
CP-PWR-CORD-SW= ●  Power Cord Switzerland
CP-PWR-CORD-UK= ●  Power Cord United Kingdom

The Full PDF File: Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Data Sheet

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