Bridging the Digital Divide in Asia: How Digital Edge Utilizes Juniper Networks to Expand

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Asia’s digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and to ensure seamless connectivity, Digital Edge, a prominent digital infrastructure provider, has harnessed Juniper Networks‘ cutting-edge solutions. This strategic partnership aims to bridge the digital divide, offering reliable services across the region’s emerging markets. In this article, we delve into how Digital Edge is leveraging Juniper Networks to power its ambitious expansion plans.

Understanding the Digital Edge Mission

Digital Edge’s mission is to reduce the gap in access to digital infrastructure across Asia. With 17 data centers across six markets, it provides carrier-neutral colocation and connectivity services. As Asia’s digital economy surges, the demand for localized data center facilities has never been greater. To cater to its rapidly growing base of enterprise and hyperscale customers, Digital Edge required a robust networking infrastructure.

Juniper Networks’ Role

To facilitate its expansion, Digital Edge has turned to Juniper Networks. Juniper’s full stack of wired and wireless upgrades, including solutions from the Juniper Networks® QFX series, MX series, and EX series, is now an integral part of Digital Edge’s network infrastructure. These upgrades streamline engineering processes, automate networking operations, and enhance operational efficiency while ensuring scalability.

The Tech Behind the Transformation

Within each data center, Juniper’s QFX5120 Data Center Switch with high throughput and low latency capabilities allows cross-connects. This enables customers to connect to digital resources or business partners, fostering a thriving digital ecosystem. The MX204 Universal Router simplifies interconnections, providing a high-density, reliable platform for communication between Digital Edge’s data centers.

On the campus front, AP43 Wireless Access Points, along with EX2300 and EX3400 Ethernet Switches, offer hyper-reliable connectivity. Juniper Mist™ cloud, with Wi-Fi and Wired Assurance services, ensures automation with AIOps, delivering deep insights and AI-driven RF optimization. The Marvis™ Virtual Network Assistant provides proactive fault resolution. With these solutions, critical systems run with minimal intervention, allowing Digital Edge’s IT teams to focus on delivering value to customers.

Beyond Space and Power

Juniper Networks has empowered Digital Edge to differentiate itself by creating an interconnected ecosystem of seamless high-performance services. Regardless of the location, this interconnectedness allows customers to scale at their own pace, without limitations.

A Vision of a Connected Asia

Digital Edge and Juniper Networks share a vision of a more interconnected Asia. The partnership aims to meet the ever-increasing demands for speed, capacity, and density at Digital Edge’s data centers. With ambitious expansion plans on the horizon, both in terms of their portfolio and geography, Digital Edge will continue its journey to connect more local communities in Asia, powered by Juniper solutions.

In Conclusion

Digital Edge’s expansion, empowered by Juniper Networks, highlights the importance of reliable and efficient network infrastructure in Asia’s digital transformation. This partnership is not only about business growth but also about enabling communities across Asia to access the benefits of a connected world. To explore the capabilities and offerings of Juniper Networks further, visit Join us in creating a more interconnected Asia.

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