Cisco Router Comparison: Cisco ISR vs. Cisco ASR

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There are numerous routers available that are appropriate for diverse computing settings, including small businesses and organizations. Cisco is one of the most well-known router manufacturers. ISR and ASR are two of their best-selling routers. Today, we’ll compare Cisco’s ASR and ISR router series, to assist you in making that decision.

Cisco ASR Series Router Overview

Aggregation Services Router (ASR) is an acronym for Aggregation Services Router. Enterprises and service providers with substantial network requirements use the Cisco ASR. Cisco ASR is used in locations that require a lot of bandwidth. The IOS XE operating system is used by Cisco ASR. Under the ASR line, Cisco has introduced various router series. Among them are the ASR 900, ASR 1000, and ASR 9000 series of cameras.

Cisco ASR1001-X Router

The ASR 9000 series is the most advanced of all the ASR series versions reviewed. It is the most expensive router in the company’s lineup. It provides customers with features that no other Cisco router can match. Core routing capabilities and edge routing capabilities are two of them. The other ASR series routers, on the other hand, can only do edge routing.

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Cisco ISR Series Router Overview

The acronym ISR stands for Integrated Service Router. The term “integrated services” refers to a system design that ensures consistent Quality of Service (QoS). The ISR series is used to connect different branch offices in small to medium-sized organizations. ISR arrangement routers are capable of edge routing and provide reliable, secure branch office availability.

Cisco ISR4331-K9 Router

Cisco ISRs are generally employed in areas with limited bandwidth. Cisco offers this router model in a variety of configurations. The ISR 800 series, ISR 1900 series, ISR 2900 series, ISR 3900 series and ISR 4000 series are just a handful of them. These models run on the IOS operating system.

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Main Difference between Cisco ISR and ASR

Cisco ISR is utilized in locations where bandwidth is limited. Cisco has released several routers in the ISR series. ISR 800 series, ISR 1900 series, ISR 2900 series, ISR 3900 series, and ISR 4000 series are among them. IOS is the operating system they use.

Cisco ASR is used in locations that require a lot of bandwidth. The IOS XE operating system is used by them. Cisco has released some routers in the ISR series. The ASR 900 series, ASR 1000 series, and ASR 9000 series are among them.

Cisco ISR Series Cisco ASR Series
Uses Cisco ISR is designed specifically for use in small networks. Cisco ASR is designed specifically for use in large networks.
Operating system The ISR series works on the Cisco IOS system. The ASR series works on the Cisco IOS XE and XR systems.
Cloud access Cisco ISR has cloud access. Cisco ASR does not have cloud access.
Speed Cisco ISR can handle speeds of up to 10G. Cisco ASR is capable of handling fast Ethernet connections, which reach speeds up to 100G.
Port density Cisco ISR has a lower port density. Cisco ASR has a higher port density.

The ASR series routers are designed for businesses and service providers, whereas the ISR series is designed for small and medium-sized networks. The ISR series has a substantially lower footprint than the ASR series because it is designed for less computing-intensive situations.

The ASR series has additional features and greater performance levels because it is designed for large-scale applications and organizations. For example, ASR routers can handle 100 G Ethernet, whereas the ISR series can only handle 10 G.

In addition, the ASR series features a higher port density. Furthermore, the ASR 9000 Series is the only router in either series that can perform core routing.

Hot Cisco Router Models: ISR4331-SEC/K9, ISR4221-SEC/K9, ISR4321-V/K9

Choosing the Right Router for Your Business

Despite the identical acronyms in their names, these router series are completely distinct and are designed for various purposes. The ISR router series is a better choice if your company is small to medium-sized. The ASR series is ideal for big enterprise networks, edge routing, and high bandwidth capabilities. If you want to order Cisco routers, welcome to visit: Shop Cisco routers at

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