3 Tips for Facing ICT Hardware Price Increase (Benefites Included)

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Global chip shortage is an incontestable fact nowadays. By one estimate, the global chip shortage affects 169 industries.

ICT Manufacturers changed their price several times recently.

As the chip shortage, many ICT manufacturers must delay their lead-time or raise their product price. Cisco is a famous ICT manufacturer, but it also suffers from chips shortages. The price also changed on April 1st, 2022, up to 321.72%.


How to deal with the ICT devices price increase? An ICT supplier with 20-year experience, Router-switch.com suggests taking measures like these:

  1. Assess your need

Do an in-depth and complete assessment of whether you or your company really need a lot of equipment or licenses. Equipment manufacturers will bundle their equipment and licenses for sale, leading some customers to purchase more equipment and licenses than they need. When the assessment is complete and the actual needs are determined, you can then consider what equipment and licenses you need.

  1. Putting pressure on your suppliers

Ask your ICT equipment supplier to deliver the best price. If not, change supplier! There are numerous excellent suppliers like Router-switch.com in the market! Excellent price and short lead time are the two principal things. When you have to change your ICT devices supplier or other top-branded products, please be vigilant. Some suppliers may not provide brand-new sealed products. You’d better make some survey.

First, see the website of the supplier, is it believable? Second, check the reviews of actual consumers of this supplier. Third, ask their customer service for detailed information about their company. Fourth, place a small order to verify if it’s brand-new seals. Last, if there are no suspicious things, you can choose this new supplier.

  1. Choose other manufacturers

Good ICT manufacturers are not only Cisco but also HPE, Huawei, Dell, etc. If the price of all these big manufacturers is high, you can also choose medium-to-small manufacturers, such as Aruba, Ubiquiti, etc. There are many lists of top manufacturers, just search at Google!

There is likewise a tip here. You should not put all your eggs into one basket. For example, you can select Cisco routers and switches, to deploy your company network, when choosing HPE servers to deploy your data center.

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Recently, the price trend of ICT hardware became smooth. We hope it can be better than before.

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