How does Hikvision Camera Protect Your Money?

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Do you have these experiences?

When I’m walking into the ATM room, I think I’m walking into a dangerous room that every stranger may be a thief, who want to steal your money.

When typing passport, I hope I’m fat so that I can keep my passport safe by my huge body.

Is your money safe when you using ATM?

In fact, there are video surveillance products protecting our account when we are using ATM. There are also many brands of video surveillance, but today we want to introduce the BANKING SOLUTION FOR ATM NETWORK from Hikvision.

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Banks install large numbers of ATMs to improve service, to enhance market ability, and to reduce labor costs. ATM machines provide around-the-clock banking access to customers. With the convenience there also comes potential safety risks.

A Smart Solution for ATM Network

  • Prevents crimes, ensures normal and safe transactions at ATM machines
  • Helps ATM administrators keep machines operating correctly
  • Prevents vandalism to ATM machines to protect a bank’s assets
  • Records video surveillance footage of the whole process of a customer’s ATM machine use
  • Provides material evidence for post-event and forensic analysis
  • Links ATM machines to networked surveillance for central and hierarchical control

This is the Hikvision Solution Architecture:

hikvision banking solution for atm

This is the solution that Hikvision camera protects your money.

For more information, you can view the document from Hikvision.


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