How to Check Your Cisco Wireless Access Points Compliance for Your Country?

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Nowadays, many enterprises need to deploy their own wireless network in the office and they need to purchase wireless access points. As known, Cisco is one of the best network hardware manufacturers and its wireless products also are popular with many enterprises.

When selecting a Cisco access point, we always see the part number of a model include one letter, such as “A”, “E”, “B”, “F”, etc. We know these letters can tell us what regulatory domain these APs support.

To help you check your Cisco APs compliance for your country, Cisco has provided us a tool: Wireless LAN Compliance Lookup.

Now let’s try this tool.

First, open this page, you can see this:

cisco ap compliance lookup-1

This means that you can select your country, access point platform and product to check.

Example 1. You know your country, Access Point Platform and Product.

You can select USA, controller-based ap, and the newest WiFi 6 ap C9115AXE:

cisco ap compliance lookup-2

The result is the regulatory domain of C9115AXE for USA is “B”. SO you can order the AP C9115AXE-B.

Example 2. You know your country and Access Point Platform.

If you don’t know which product, you can only select the country and ap platform:

cisco ap compliance lookup-3

Then you will find there are many platforms. You can click this button one by one to choose the right one for your need. For example, if you click AIR-AP3802I, you will go to the overview page of this series and you can read its introduction.

Example 3. You only know your country.

Furthermore, if you don’t know which ap platform either, you can only choose your country:

cisco ap compliance lookup-4

You will find there lists three ap platforms and many series.

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