Dell and CoreWeave Collaboration: A Leap Forward in Cloud Computing for AI Workloads

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In a groundbreaking move, Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) and CoreWeave have joined forces to elevate cloud computing for artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI) workloads. This strategic collaboration aims to meet the surging demand for high-performance cloud solutions capable of supporting the immense compute power required by large-scale AI models. CoreWeave, a specialized cloud provider known for its proficiency in handling NVIDIA GPU-accelerated workloads, has made a significant investment by procuring thousands of Dell PowerEdge XE9860 servers with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs.

Addressing the AI Compute Demand

The rise of AI has sparked a tremendous demand for robust cloud solutions that can accommodate the scalability needs of large models. CoreWeave, recognized for delivering the next generation of cloud computing, stands at the forefront of meeting this demand. The company’s cloud infrastructure, crafted with a modern hardware engineering approach and a proprietary software stack, is specifically designed for intricate and resource-intensive workloads.

Brian Venturo, Co-founder, and CTO of CoreWeave emphasizes, “AI is driving explosive demand for high-performance cloud solutions that can provide the compute that large models need to scale, and we are providing the gold standard of cloud infrastructure to support these compute-intensive workloads.”

Powerful Infrastructure for Intensive Workloads

The collaboration leverages Dell’s PowerEdge XE9860 servers, known for extreme acceleration of AI, machine learning (ML), and deep learning training. Equipped with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, these servers deliver high GPU memory, bandwidth, and security, making them ideal for deploying AI computing initiatives. The infrastructure is tailored to handle the performance demands of large language models of GenAI while maintaining efficiency in a compact IT footprint.

Jeff Clarke, COO, and Vice Chairman of Dell Technologies underlines the significance of having the right IT foundation for AI, stating, “AI is a powerful, completely transformational tool for businesses of all sizes but only if you have the right IT foundation in place.”

Global Accessibility to Accelerated Servers

With this collaboration, CoreWeave customers globally gain access to thousands of accelerated Dell servers instantaneously. This accessibility is crucial for speeding up compute-intensive workloads, including AI, ML, visual effects (VFX) rendering, and large-scale simulations. The alliance ensures that organizations can harness the full potential of AI without being hindered by infrastructure limitations.

Supporting Maximum Uptime and Efficiency

CoreWeave also benefits from Dell ProSupport services, ensuring maximum uptime for its new systems. Dedicated Dell managers will play a crucial role in maintaining the environment, emphasizing the commitment to delivering not just cutting-edge hardware but also a seamless and supported user experience.

The Path Forward: A Leap in Cloud Computing

This collaboration marks a significant leap in the realm of cloud computing, especially for AI and GenAI workloads. CoreWeave’s dedication to providing top-notch performance for every workload, combined with Dell’s powerful infrastructure, showcases a commitment to advancing the possibilities of cloud-based AI solutions.

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