Huawei’s Net5.5G: Powering the Intelligent Era with Next-Gen Cloud-Network Solutions

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In the dynamic landscape of digital transformation, Huawei takes a giant stride forward with the introduction of four Net5.5G Intelligent Cloud-Network solutions. Unveiled at the IP Club Carnival during MWC Barcelona 2024, these solutions are strategically designed for the intelligent era, promising to accelerate intelligent transformation across diverse industries and elevate digital productivity to unprecedented levels.

The Challenge: Network Quality and Digital Productivity

Leon Wang, President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, emphasizes the critical link between network quality and the quality of digital services. Despite the infusion of intelligent technologies, the translation into tangible digital productivity remains incomplete. Recognizing this gap, Huawei addresses the need for a next-generation network upgrade to fully harness the potential of intelligent technologies.

Huawei’s Response: Net5.5G Intelligent Cloud-Network Solutions

Huawei’s response to the challenge is manifested in the form of four cutting-edge solutions:

  1. Net5.5G High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus:
    • Purpose: Offering superfast access to digital services.
    • Key Features: Three types of experience upgrade, aligning with Huawei’s experience-centric campus network construction philosophy.
  2. Net5.5G Converged WAN:
    • Purpose: Ensuring high-quality transmission of digital services with application-level experience assurance.
    • Key Features: Unique end-to-end IPsec and SRv6 at the network layer, providing superfast WAN access and end-to-end secure encryption.
  3. Net5.5G Ultra-Resilient Multi-DC Network:
    • Purpose: Ensuring stable production of digital services through fault-tolerant and always-on services.
    • Key Features: Designed to meet the growing demand for Disaster Recovery (DR) Data Centers (DCs), offering stability and reliability.
  4. Net5.5G HiSec SASE:
    • Purpose: Delivering cloud-network-edge-endpoint integrated security for intelligent protection.
    • Key Features: Rapid threat handling, industry-leading detection performance, and precise ransomware prevention.
The Value Proposition: Meeting Diverse Enterprise Needs

Vincent Liu underscores the urgent needs of enterprise customers, ranging from enhanced campus user experience to higher office efficiency, reliable DR DC construction, and integrated security. Huawei’s Net5.5G Intelligent Cloud-Network solutions are strategically aligned to meet these needs, promising to accelerate intelligent transformation for enterprises of all sizes.

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Elevate Your Connectivity: Embrace Huawei‘s Net5.5G Solutions

In conclusion, Huawei‘s Net5.5G Intelligent Cloud-Network solutions mark a pivotal moment in the evolution of connectivity. To embrace the power of intelligent transformation and elevate your digital productivity, delve into the innovative offerings at Experience a new era of connectivity that goes beyond boundaries, redefining the possibilities of intelligent networking.

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