Are You a Fan of TechCrunch?

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Have you found that a very interesting thing, that is something is around you or everywhere when you began to notice it. Yeah, I am experiencing that kind of thing—I became a fan of Techcrunch, why and how? Let me tell abcde reasons to you.

I need to read and collect almost all the info related to network, IT technology, Cisco, hardware, internet, etc. every day (mainly Cisco news). I discovered that I can get the latest Cisco news and key points from some famous analysts. Of course, Cisco’s website also can provides what happened to Cisco, but reading CISCO news and other fresh technology news from TechCrunch help me think by a different way.


What TechCrunch is it?

TechCrunch is a web publication that offers technology news and analysis, as well as profiling of startup companies, products, and websites. It was founded by Michael Arrington in 2005, and was first published on June 11, 2005.

The website’s Technorati rank is 2, and is 1st in the Info/Tech category. As of February 11, 2010 it has over 4,563,000 RSS feed subscribers as measured by tracking company FeedBurner. On September 28, 2010, at its TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, AOL announced that it would acquire TechCrunch.


What TechCrunch brings to you and surprises you?

To our delight, all hot topics in technology and famous enterprise such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, HP, Yahoo, Cisco Systems, etc. you can discuss here.

TechCrunch is now affiliated with several other websites, commonly referred to as The TechCrunch Network. As of July 28, 2008, these include:

  • CrunchNotes – An informal personal blog about Web 2.0 written by Michael Arrington.
  • TechCrunch France – Founded by Ouriel Ohayon in February 2006, who was Editor through 2009. Features translations of posts from the main TechCrunch blog as well as original content. The blog was then maintained by Alain Ezkenazi until it went inactive for several months as of summer 2009. It was relaunched in March 2010 by Roxanne Varza, who is currently the Editor, and Cedric Giorgi. The team has also been covering French content in English as part of TechCrunch Europe.
  • TechCrunch Japan – Features translations of the American TechCrunch as well as original content.
  • TechCrunch Europe – Original blog (then TechCrunch UK) canceled following an online argument involving Arrington, TC UK editor Sam Sethi, and Loic Le Meur on 13 December 2006; focused on European or Europe-targeted Web 2.0 services. Relaunched in September 2007 with a new editor, Mike Butcher.
  • MobileCrunch – A blog tracking the Mobile Computing industry, edited by Greg Kumparak.
  • TalkCrunch – A podcast about Web 2.0, featuring interviews with founders of assorted Web 2.0 companies, covering new product launches and the like.
  • CrunchGear – A blog covering gadgets and computer hardware, edited by John Biggs.
  • CrunchBase – A wiki-style database of Web 2.0 people, investors, and companies that include lists of their key employees, funding and acquisition news, and other important events for these companies. It was launched in 2007.
  • CrunchBoard – A Web 2.0 job board
  • TechCrunch IT – Also known as TCIT, This blog features a range of Enterprise-related news and analysis including applications, open standards,cloud computing, social media, information management and software related subjects.
  • TechCrunch TV
  • InviteShare
  • Gillmor Gang
  • Elevator Pitches


What the latest Technology News You can Read at TechCrunch?

After brief introduction of Techcrunch, people who want to get what happened in the IT technology is looking forward to read that news.

There are some news titles listed to show what TechCrunch attracts so many experts and experts in different technology fields.

  1. HP Releases The Updated DM1 Ultraportable Laptop
  2. Mobile And Broadband Push In India To Cost “Tens Of Billions” – Let The Bidding Begin
  3. Bartz Fired; Morse Named Interim CEO; Yahoo Board Creates Circle Of Elders To Decide Company Fate
  4. Report: Groupon Delays IPO
  5. Android TouchPad Project Finally Gets Working Touch Screens
  6. Apple To Blame For The Initial Ultrabook Short Supply
  7. Twitter’s Dorsey To Developers: With Apple, We Can Take This To A Whole New Level
  8. Cisco Acquires Collaboration Software Maker Versly
  9. Cisco To Buy Comptel’s Axioss Software Assets For $31 Million In Cash
  10. The Console Cable Lets You Fix Your Cisco Router From Your iPhone (Because You Should Totally Be Doing That)


All the news above happened in our modern era full of all kinds of technologies, which can tell us what happened over the world. Are you willing to become a fan to read technology news displayed at TechCrunch?



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