Cisco Routing Quiz for Preparing CCNA Exam

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How to prepare Cisco CCNA Exam? What CCNA topics would be contained while preparing? Some CCNA experts pointed out 7 main CCNA topics (not for the test but for the real-world), IP subnetting, ACLs, Routing, Security – secure the router and the network, backup/restore, password recovery, how to connect to the internet & other WAN circuits, upgrading the IOS…

Well, some professional guys listed 15 questions Cisco routing quiz that may be helpful to prepare for your CCNA exam. If youCisco Routing Quiz for Preparing CCNA Exam already have your CCNA, perhaps you just want to test your knowledge to prep for your CCNA recertification exam.

15 questions for Cisco routing quiz as well as answers

1. What routing protocol uses cost as its metric?
a. RIP
d. BGP

2. Which of these is an exterior gateway protocol (EGP)?
b. BGP
c. RIP

3. Which of these routing protocol would be used between Autonomous systems (Inter-AS)?
b. RIP
d. BGP

4. Which routing protocol has a default administrative distance of 110?
a. BGP
c. RIP
e. Static

5. Which routing method is most trusted by a router?
a. BGP
c. Static
d. RIP

6. What is the process of sending routes from one routing protocol to another routing protocol?

a. Redistribution
b. Distribution
c. Filtering
d. Prepending
e. Source Routing

7. Which command tells RIP to send hellos, out an interface, to find neighbors and to advertise routes?
a. hello
b. network
c. interface
d. advertise
e. neighbor

8. You want to filter inbound routes from an OSPF neighbor. Which command do you use?
a. Distribute-list
b. Route-list
c. Prefix-list
d. Filter-list

9. In BGP, OSPF, and EIGRP, an internetwork under common administration, is called what?
a. Routing system
b. Autonomous routing
c. Routing Domain
d. Autonomous system

10. Which command do you use to prevent OSPF HELLO packets from going out a configured interface?

a. no network
b. passive
c. no advertise
d. hello-off
e. quiet

11. In OSPF, every router must have communications back to what?
a. Area zero
b. The root
c. OSPF central
d. Area one

12. Which of these routing protocols would be unavailable on a non-Cisco router?
b. RIP
d. BGP

13. What type of OSPF router would connect an area that is not using OSPF?
a. BDR
b. ABR
c. BR

14. A router receives two identical routes from different protocols. What route is put into the routing table?
a. The route with the most trusted AD
b. The best route
c. The OSPF route
d. Both routes

15. If RIP receives two similar routes to a network, which route is put into the routing table?
a. The route with the most trusted administrative distance
b. The most specific route
c. The RIP version 2 route
d. Both routes

ANSWERS for the above 15 questions for Cisco routing quiz

1. C. OSPF
2. B. BGP
3. D. BGP
4. B. OSPF
5. C. Static

6. A. Redistribution
7. B. Network
8. A. Distribute-list
9. D. Autonomous System
10. B. Passive

11. A. Area Zero
12. C. EIGRP
13. D. ASBR
14. A. The route with the most trusted AD
15. B. The most specific route


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