What Router-switch.com Prepared for Its 10th Anniversary?

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Router-switch.com, ten years old, happy birthday! 2012 marks the tenth anniversary of router-switch.com, which is an exciting moment for all router-switch’s staff and clients.

10 years celebration-router-switch.com

What Router-switch.com Prepared for Its 10th Anniversary?

Router-switch.com has become a world’s leading Cisco supplier over the past ten years with the help of its staff and customers. To celebrate its 10 years, router-switch.com offers some activities for all the old and new clients, for example, big discount (save up to 75% off) for the popular Cisco items (including Catalyst 3560x Series, Cisco Catalyst 3750x Series, Catalyst 3560V2/3750V2, Cisco 2900&3900 Routers, Network Cards, etc.), fill out a simple survey to win a big gift (Cisco AIR-AP1131AG-A-K9, limited edition T-shirts and 20PC U disk). The activity date is from September. 01. 2012 to October. 31. 2012. Wow, if you are a Cisco buyer, don’t miss this chance. Let’s join the party to celebrate the 10th birthday together.

Activities for 10th anniversary-router-switch.com

How to Take Part in this Big Party for Router-switch.com’s 10th Anniversary?

If you wanna know more about the activities hold at router-switch.com, you can visit the related topics: Big Discount for the Popular Cisco Items

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Fill Out the Questionnaire to Get a Big Gift

Survey for Winning a Big Gift-router-switch.com

How the Router-switch.com Became the World’s Leading Cisco Supplier?

During the past ten years, from 2002 to 2012, router-switch.com has grown up into a global leading Cisco supplier. Indeed, it has experienced several vital moment. Here let’s share some router-switch.com’s big events:

2002, Router-switch.com was founded.

2003, Router-switch.com has experienced a rapid development.

2004, CCIE technical support team was built.

2005, The sales volume maintains 70% growth per year.

2006, Staff in company increased to 20.

2007, Router-switch.com established its marketing department. It attained its reputation in providing timely information of Cisco for clients and Cisco users.

2008, Router-switch.com adopted necessary advanced management tools to improve its service for clients.

2009, Router-switch.com upgraded warehouses in Hongkong and Mainland China. Its inventory is worth over $5 million.

2010, The sales of Router-switch.com have zoomed to $ 30 million.

2011, Router-switch.com released the new version to update service. It supplies free CCIE support. Social network platforms were opened to communicate with customers and clients well.

2012, New Office of router-switch.com landed in US to offer professional local service.

Nowadays, router-switch.com is becoming the world’s largest Cisco reseller online.  It believes that router-switch.com will be more professional, more reliable and stronger with your support.

More about Router-switch.com:

Router-switch.com, also called Yejian Technologies Co., Ltd, is the worldwide leader in delivering new, used, refurbished Cisco hardware, including Cisco routers, Cisco switches, firewall security, Cisco IP Phones VoIP, wireless AP, Cisco modules & cards, memory, and optical cables, SFP, GBIC, XENPK , etc. It carries over $5 million in inventory of Cisco hardware and Cisco equipment that can meet SOHO, small, midsized and large businesses of all sizes. Also Router-Switch.com owns more than 8,000 customers worldwide, not only because of its original Cisco products with reliable quality and competitive price, but also due to professional service, huge inventory, flexible payment and shipment. More information about router-switch.com can be found at https://www.router-switch.com/. For ongoing Cisco info,

please go to Blog.router-switch.comNews, tutorials, tips, info & thoughts on Developments in the Cisco, Cisco network, IT, Software & Network Hardware Industry

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