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As router-switch.com founded its branch office in USA, it is also welcoming its 10th anniversary in 2012. From “a small potato” to “a big apple”, router-switch.com did a great effort to realize its goals one by one. Well, in fact, to be a famous leading Cisco supplier around the world is not an easy task, firstly and the most important is to own a strong team (the professional salesmen, pre-sales and after-sales service, free CCIE technical support and creative marketing staff)“Router Switch”Landing in USA

The year of 2012, meaningful to all the people in the world (Haha, because the movie 2012 told us 2012 is the end of the world), so is router-switch.com, besides celebrating its 10-year birthday, router-switch.com has prepared a lot of gifts for its regulars and new clients, such as an album of telling its history and achievement, more discount for popular Cisco equipment (Cisco routers, Cisco switches, Cisco wireless Aps, etc.), new version of its official website, more collaborations with Cisco technical support units. To serve for customers better, for router-switch.com, the important action is to be more local in the future. So the “Router Switch” was born, as the times require.

With the foundation of “Router Switch” in U.S., its localization service will be strengthened. A professional local team will offer sincere service (pre-Cisco buying consultation, updating of purchased Cisco hardware, free CCIE technical support, etc.) for the regulars and new clients.

Main Events over the Past 10 Years

What router-switch.com achieved in the past 10 years?

Since 2002, router-switch.com has experienced a rapid development with sales volume maintaining 70% growth per year.

In 2004, CCIE technical support team was built with more and more clients’ technical requirement.

In 2007, it established its marketing department which can spread its reputation and gather freshest market information for Cisco business.

In 2008, most advanced management tools are adopted to improve efficiency greatly.

In 2012, it is making the great effort to be the worldwide largest Cisco reseller online.

Professional Cisco Supply Service is Around You

“Router Switch”, a Just New Start

Router-switch.com has accomplished its goals with customers’ trust, not only globalization, but also more localization, more humanization.


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