Cisco SMB Switching Portfolio Transition

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Cisco is always cool and innovative. They are refreshing its Small and Midsize Business (SMB) switching portfolio to provide better performance, superior ease of use, and more intelligent features to help our customers thrive in the digital economy.

These new switches are the evolution of the existing SMB switching portfolio and share the same philosophy and value proposition – building a simple, secure, and reliable network at an affordable price.

Figure1 shows how the product migration will happen for each series of switches in Cisco SMB switching portfolio.

The new portfolio includes new 550X, 350X, 350, and 250 Series models to replace the current 500, 300, and 200 Series.

There is no change to the 220 Series smart switches and the 110 and 95 Series unmanaged switches. They will continue to be integral parts of the Cisco SMB switching portfolio.

Figure1. Cisco SMB switching portfolio transition

How to Migrate to Cisco next-generation switches for Small and Midsize Business

Benefits of migrating to Cisco next-generation switches for small and midsize business

The following Table lists the benefits of migrating to the new switches.

Benefits of migrating to next-generation Cisco SMB switches

Model mapping Tables show which new model to choose for each of the existing switch models.
Table1. Migration map 500 Series to 550X Series
Existing series Existing model New series New model Alternative new model
500 series SF500-24 550X series SF550X-24
SF500-24P SF550X-24P
SF500-24MP SF550X-24MP
SF500-48 SF550X-48
SF500-48P SF550X-48P
SF500-48MP SF550X-48MP
SG500-28 SG550X-24 SG350X-24
SG500-28P SG550X-24P SG350X-24P
SG500-28MPP SG550X-24MPP SG350X-24MP
SG500-52 SG550X-48 SG350X-48
SG500-52P SG550X-48P SG350X-48P
SG500-52MP SG550X-48MP SG350X-48MP
SG500X-24 SG550X-24
SG500X-24P SG550X-24MP
SG500X-24MPP SG550X-24MPP
SG500X-48 SG550X-48
SG500X-48P SG550X-48P
SG500X-48MP SG550X-48MP
SG500XG-8F8T SG550XG-8F8T
N/A SG550XG-24F
N/A SG550XG-24T
N/A SG550XG-48T
Table2. Migration map 300 Series to 350X/350 Series
Existing series
Existing model
New series
New model
N/A N/A 350X series SG350X-8PMD
300 series SF300-08 (SRW208) 350 series SF350-08
SF302-08 (SRW208G) SF352-08
SF302-08PP SF352-08P
SF302-08MPP SF352-08MP
SF300-24 (SRW224G4) SF350-24
SF300-24PP SF350-24P
SF300-24MP SF350-24MP
SF300-48 (SRW248G4) SF350-48
SF300-48PP SF350-48P
N/A SF350-48MP
N/A SG350-8PD
SG300-10 (SRW2008) SG350-10
SG300-10PP SG350-10P
N/A SG355-10P
SG300-10MPP SG350-10MP
SG300-10SFP SG350-10SFP
SG300-20 (SRW2016) SG350-20
SG300-28 (SRW2024) SG350-28
SG300-28PP SG350-28P
SG300-28MP SG350-28MP
SG300-28SFP SG350-28SFP
SG300-52 (SRW2048) SG350-52
SG300-52P SG350-52P
SG300-52MP SG350-52MP
Table3. Migration map 200 Series to 250 Series
Existing series
Existing model
New series
New model
Alternative new model
200 series SF200-24 (SLM224GT) 250 series SF250-24 SF220-24
SF200-24P (SLM224PT) SF250-24P SF220-24P
SF200-24FP SF250-24P SF220-24P
SF200-48 (SLM248GT) SF250-48 SF220-48
SF200-48P (SLM248PT) SF250-48HP SF220-48P
SG200-08 (SLM2008T) SG250-08
SG200-08P (SLM2008PT) SG250-08P
SG200-10FP SG250-10P
SG200-18 (SLM2016T) SG250-18
SG200-26 (SLM2024T) SG250-26 SG220-26
SG200-26P (SLM2024PT) SG250-26HP
SG200-26FP SG250-26P SG220-26P
SG200-50 (SLM2048T) SG250-50 SG220-50
SG200-50P (SLM2048PT) SG250-50HP
SG200-50FP SG250-50P SG220-50P
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