Internet of Everything, SDN Hot Topics in Cisco Partner Summit 2013

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Cisco Partner Summit is the event of the year for the global Cisco channel community, and it gets mighty busy and collect most Cisco participants. With Cisco Systems’ Partner Summit 2013 coming up in Boston, what can partners expect to be the hottest topics, corral the most buzz and pump up the channel for the remainder of the year?Cisco Partner Summit 2013

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Amid the usual networking with top brass, channel strategizing, technology updates and business direction discussions, partners should expect a fair amount of chit chat about the Internet of Everything (IoE)—Cisco’s term for a $14.4 trillion worldwide market opportunity based on the potential of smart network connections to unlock limitless productivity for businesses worldwide.

Cisco wants to be sure partners know there’s a piece of it for them, whenever IoE takes enough shape for partners to capitalize on it.

“The Internet of Everything is getting a lot of attention, it’s very exciting,” said Edison Peres, Cisco Channels senior vice president, in a video posted on the vendor’s channels blog site.

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Also, you can anticipate software-defined networking (SDN) to take a front row seat as well, particularly if Cisco offers partners a drilldown on its strategy there and how the channel fits in.

Hot topics aside, what are Cisco’s primary objectives heading into Partner Summit?

  • What’s happening in the market: There’s nothing like some market education, perspective and foresight to enliven partners. “We want to talk about a little about the market transitions and what’s going on, and there’s a lot happening in our industry,” said Peres.
  • Cisco helping partners: “What we’re doing at Cisco to help our partners making those transitions be successful and profitable,” will gain a lot of air time at Partner Summit, Peres said.
  • One on one’s: What Peres calls “those opportunities to engage with partners,” is where Cisco hopes to make hay, pairing top execs with partners to get its points across and listen to the channel’s top concerns.

What does Cisco expect partners will bring to the party?

  • Profitability, profitability, profitability: Bruce Klein, Cisco’s Worldwide Partner Organization senior vice president said in a blog post that profitability is always at the top of partners’ short lists. What else? Talent: Partners want to help Cisco with “talent acquisition development,” he said. And, the channel always is interested in what Cisco is doing to deepen its field engagement with partners.
  • New business models: Also at the top of partners’ hit list is new business models; specifically, recurring revenue and what Cisco is doing to help partners understand and manage changing business needs.

“The channel has never undergone as much seismic change as it’s going through right now,” wrote Klein. “But whether we’re talking about technology architectures, software integration, or the way customers want to buy IT, each of these major changes involves a smarter, more intelligent network, and each is a major opportunity to unlock the value of the Internet of Everything.”

See, there it is again, that IoE word. Better get used to it.

Sounds like a Partner Summit chock full of information, ideas and maybe some answers. The VAR Guy will be on hand to see what comes of it.

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