Cisco at AWS re:Invent: Elevating End-to-End Visibility for AWS Applications

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In a groundbreaking announcement at AWS re:Invent, Cisco‘s Network Assurance and Full-Stack Observability teams unveil cutting-edge innovations aimed at providing end-to-end visibility into digital experience delivery for applications powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). These advancements mark a significant stride in empowering customers with comprehensive insights into business outcomes and digital experience delivery.

Integrating ThousandEyes with Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor (CWIM)

A pivotal development in this announcement is the integration of ThousandEyes with Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor (CWIM). This integration facilitates custom recommendations for optimal AWS instance placement and monitoring coverage based on user traffic profiles. By harnessing insights from CWIM within the ThousandEyes platform, customers gain a holistic view of an application’s service delivery path, spanning private environments, the public Internet, and AWS’s network. This synergy of ThousandEyes’ end-to-end cloud and Internet visibility with AWS’s health and performance insights ensures a comprehensive perspective on application delivery.

AWS Service Expansion and Business Metrics in Cisco Cloud Observability

Cisco Cloud Observability takes a giant leap with expanded AWS service support and new business metrics. This expansion provides enriched business context for AWS-hosted applications. The introduction of new business metrics for business transactions enhances monitoring capabilities, enabling customers to connect digital experiences to business outcomes effectively. It facilitates faster decision-making and prioritization for applications running on AWS. Moreover, Cisco Cloud Observability broadens its infrastructure monitoring capabilities, reinforcing its commitment to providing deeper insights into AWS services.

The Significance of Flawless Digital Experiences

Recognizing that applications are the forefront of modern organizations, Cisco emphasizes the direct correlation between application experience, brand reputation, and revenue. To ensure flawless digital experiences, businesses need to navigate their complex cloud-native environments and applications effectively. Cisco’s commitment to delivering comprehensive visibility and business context underscores the importance of tying performance metrics to business objectives.

Cisco’s Holistic Approach

With a customer-centric focus, Cisco aims to equip its users with the necessary visibility, insights, and actionable data to ensure exceptional digital experiences. This spans across various domains, from within the application itself to the entire digital supply chain. Cisco’s integrated approach covers modern application monitoring through Cloud Observability and end-to-end network assurance through ThousandEyes, providing a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the digital experience.

  1. Modern Application Monitoring (Cisco Cloud Observability):
    • Delivers deep visibility into cloud-native architectures with business context.
    • Aligns application performance with end-user expectations for better business outcomes.
  2. End-to-End Network Assurance (Cisco ThousandEyes):
    • Ensures a true end-to-end view of the entire service delivery chain.
    • Understands and assures the delivery of any application over any network, offering a complete service delivery perspective.
Meeting Diverse AWS Use Cases

Recognizing that customers leverage AWS services in diverse ways, Cisco addresses various use cases. This includes hosting applications on AWS, using third-party applications with integrated AWS services, or employing hybrid architectures. Cisco’s advancements cater to each of these scenarios, bolstering visibility and business-metric insights.

Correlating Business Issues for Enhanced Decision-Making

Cisco’s combined approach presents a powerful solution for customers to correlate business issues seamlessly. From end-user experiences to application transactions and their dependencies, including network paths and Internet routing, Cisco offers a unified view. This correlation facilitates a deeper understanding of the entire service delivery chain, aligning with user expectations and business key performance indicators.

Explore the latest innovations from Cisco at AWS re:Invent and delve into the seamless integration of AWS-powered applications. Cisco‘s commitment to providing enhanced visibility and business context ensures your digital experiences remain exceptional. Discover more at

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