Quiz Questions to Know Wireless LANs

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Do You Know This Wireless LANs? Wireless LAN Concepts, Deploying WLANs, Wireless LAN Security. There are 9 quiz questions to know the key points of WLAN.wifi-Wireless LAN

Questions 1-4: Wireless LAN Concepts

Questions 5-7: Deploying WLANs

Questions 8-9: Wireless LAN Security

1. Which of the following IEEE wireless LAN standards uses only the U-NII band of frequencies (around 5.4 GHz)?

a. 802.11a

b. 802.11b

c. 802.11g

d. 802.11i

2. Which of the following answers is the correct maximum speed at which two IEEE WLAN devices can send data with a particular standard?

a. 802.11b, using OFDM, at 54 Mbps

b. 802.11g, using OFDM, at 54 Mbps

c. 802.11a, using DSSS, at 54 Mbps

d. 802.11a, using DSSS, at 11 Mbps

3. Which of the following lists the no overlapping channels when using 802.1b DSSS in the U.S.?

a. 1, 2, 3

b. 1, 5, 9

c. 1, 6, 11

d. a, b, g

e. 22, 33, 44

4. Which of the following terms refers to a WLAN mode that allows a laptop to roam between different access points?

a. ESS

b. BSS


d. None of the other answers are correct.

5. When configuring a wireless access point, which of the following are typical configuration choices?


b. The speed to use“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 301

c. The wireless standard to use

d. The size of the desired coverage area

6. Which of the following is true about an ESS’s connections to the wired Ethernet LAN?

a. The AP connects to the Ethernet switch using a crossover cable.

b. The various APs in the same WLAN need to be assigned to the same VLAN by the Ethernet switches.

c. The APs must have an IP address configured to forward traffic.

d. The APs using mixed 802.11g mode must connect via a Fast Ethernet or faster connection to an Ethernet switch.

7. Which of the following are not common reasons why a newly installed WLAN does not allow a client to connect through the WLAN into the wired infrastructure?

a. The AP is installed on top of a metal filing cabinet.

b. The client is near a fast-food restaurant’s microwave oven.

c. The client is sitting on top of a big bundle of currently used Cat5 Ethernet cables.

d. The AP was configured to use DSSS channel 1 instead of the default channel 6, and no one configured the client to use channel 6.

8. Which of the following WLAN security standards refer to the IEEE standard?

a. WPA

b. WPA2

c. WEP

d. 802.11i

9. Which of the following security features were not in the original WEP security standard but are now in the WPA2 security standard?

a. Dynamic key exchange

b. Preshared Keys (PSK)

c. 802.1x authentication

d. AES encryption

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