What is the Cisco Umbrella Branch?

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Cisco Umbrella Branch, one of the new technologies (the other two are StealthWatch, and the Meraki security appliance, aim to embed security into its branch office routing products) has been introduced in Cisco Live 2016.

Cisco Umbrella Branch: the Fastest, Easiest Security for Branches

Cisco Umbrella Branch is a new cloud-delivered security service on Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR 4000s) that provides an added layer of security protection for branch offices.

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What can Umbrella Branch do for you? In the following part, let’s share what Jason Liu said about the “Cisco Umbrella Branch”.

Cisco Umbrella Branch, the Fastest, Easiest Security for Branches?

Umbrella Branch enforces security at the Domain Name System (DNS) layer, which means you can block requests to malicious domains and IPs before a connection is ever made.

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Similar to how Amazon learns from shopping patterns to suggest your next purchase, Umbrella Branch learns from Internet activity patterns to uncover and predict threats. The huge volume of DNS requests from millions of users around the world (80+ billion requests per day, to be exact) that Cisco resolves provides a very diverse data set. Umbrella Branch applies statistical models to that data set which allows Cisco to identify where current and future attacks are staged on the Internet.

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Because DNS precedes all Internet activity, this is a powerful way to enforce security and gain visibility and insight at branch offices. Select from predefined policies and automate deployment, provisioning, and protection.

Most importantly, Cisco Umbrella Branch is easy to deploy and manage. Configuration takes just a few minutes via a dashboard.

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Umbrella Branch is the simplest way to protect any device in your branch offices and can add an easy, but very effective layer of protection.

The original info from https://blogs.cisco.com/enterprise/cisco-umbrella-branch-the-fastest-easiest-security-for-branches

More about Cisco’s 3 New Branch Office Security Products

Branch offices can integrate the StealthWatch software into their installed Cisco ISR 4000 Series branch routers. “It now becomes network-plus-security all in one,” says Prashanth Shenoy, senior director of enterprise networking and mobility at Cisco. “It can do machine learning and threat detection right at the edge. And the good part for the customer is they don’t need to buy a new hardware appliance.”

Like StealthWatch, Umbrella Branch is purchased as a software license and is activated on the Cisco ISR branch office router. It has the benefit of saving bandwidth and costs on expensive MPLS links, while still ensuring safe WiFi access to the Internet.

If this sounds a bit like software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), that’s because it is. The ISR 4K is our platform for providing SD-WAN. This compliments and adds on to security for SD-WAN deployments,” Shenoy says.

Cisco is talking about Umbrella Branch in terms of WiFi because it’s one of the most common ways to provide Internet access. But the Umbrella Branch technology is also applicable to other Internet connections such as 3G and 4G cellular.

Finally, Cisco unveiled the Meraki MX security appliance as part of its Meraki product suite. This would be an alternative for businesses that don’t have the more robust ISR routing platform.

“Typically, Meraki is deployed by customers that have lean IT, such as remote sites,” says Shenoy.

The new security product is integrated with cloud-managed networking. It has a cloud-based subscription license.

Info from https://www.sdxcentral.com/articles/news/cisco-debuts-3-new-branch-office-security-products/2016/07/


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