Migration to Cisco NGFW

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Cisco Firewall Migration Options-Identify the migration path for your Cisco NGFW.

Nowadays, it’s obvious that we enter into the era of Next-Generation Firewall with the higher demands of cyber security from organizations of all sizes and around the world.

Cisco has prepared the threat-focused next-generation firewall appliances for you. Maybe you are so familiar with Cisco’s Legacy Firewalls-the Cisco ASA 5500 Series. But now Cisco has its Next-Generation Firewall.

Cisco Firepower NGFW with Firepower Threat Defense delivers all of those capabilities. It is the industry’s first, and only, threat-centric, next-generation firewall.

Cisco NGFW customers expect the best in network security. Upgrade to Cisco’s newest Next-Generation Firewall today and protect your high-value digital assets.

If you want to migrate to Cisco’s Next-Generation Firewall, What will you do? You can check the main following tables that help you find the best Migration Option.

Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Migration Options
Legacy Firewalls
Migration to Cisco NGFW
Cisco ASA 5505 Cisco ASA 5506-X
Cisco ASA 5510 Cisco ASA 5508-X
Cisco ASA 5512-X Cisco ASA 5516-X
Cisco ASA 5515-X Cisco ASA 5516-X
Cisco ASA 5520 Cisco ASA 5525-X or Cisco FirePower 2100 Series
Cisco ASA 5540 Cisco ASA 5545-X or Cisco FirePower 2100 Series
Cisco ASA 5550 Cisco ASA 5555-X or Cisco FirePower 2100 Series
Cisco ASA 5580 Cisco FirePower 4100 Series
Throughput Performance Enhancements 
Appliance (Maximum Throughput)
Firewall + Application Control (AVC)
Firewall + Application Control (AVC) and IPS
Cisco ASA 5506-X 250 Mbps 125 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5506W-X 250 Mbps 125 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5506H-X 250 Mbps 125 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5508-X 450 Mbps 250 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5512-X 300 Mbps 150 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5515-X 500 Mbps 250 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5516-X 850 Mbps 450 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5525-X 1,100 Mbps 650 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5545-X 1,500 Mbps 1,000 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5555-X 1,750 Mbps 1,250 Mbps
Cisco ASA 5585-X w/ SSP-10 4.5 Gbps 2 Gbps
Cisco ASA 5585-X w/ SSP-20 7 Gbps 3.5 Gbps
Cisco ASA 5585-X w/ SSP-40 10 Gbps 6 Gbps
Cisco ASA 5585-X w/ SSP-60 15 Gbps 10 Gbps
Cisco Firepower 2100 1.9 Gbps 1.9 Gbps
Cisco Firepower 2120 3 Gbps 3 Gbps
Cisco Firepower 2130 4.75 Gbps 4.75 Gbps
Cisco Firepower 2140 8.5 Gbps 8.5 Gbps
Cisco Firepower 4110 12 Gbps 10 Gbps
Cisco Firepower 4120 20 Gbps 15 Gbps
Cisco Firepower 4140 25 Gbps 20 Gbps
Cisco Firepower 4150 30 Gbps 24 Gbps
Cisco Firepower 9300 w/ 3 SM-44 135 Gbps 133 Gbps

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