Cisco DNA for Mobility Introduction

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This is an entirely new era of networking. And you should say hello to Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA).

What’s the Cisco DNA? We shared a lot before.

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                      Cisco DNA for Mobility, for Switching, and for Routing

Wireless, mobility, wireless and mobility. It’s a new world. Bring Wi-Fi into the digital age with Cisco DNA now.

Cisco DNA combines security, analytic insights, automation and assurance into one bundle.

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With Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) at the core of your network, you give wireless users the performance and convenience they demand while maintaining tough security and the flexibility to meet changing needs.

Wireless Users

Today’s network users are on the move and depend on their mobile devices to stay connected. Cisco DNA for wireless enables you to meet their changing demands in a flexible and secure way, so you can empower employee productivity and engage customers.

IT Users

Not only does your IT team need to handle an increasing number of mobile devices, they also have to contend with proliferating IoT devices too. Cisco DNA for wireless gives them the tools to meet changing needs and changing technologies, prioritize the traffic and applications that matter most, and deliver a great wireless experience, no matter the device—all while maintaining security.

Insight & Experience

56%*of line of business say a mobile strategy is very or extremely important to their objectives.

Take wireless access from a business requirement to a business driver. Give your team the tools to:

  • Empower employees and improve customer engagement
  • Route traffic intelligently
  • Locate users within 1-3 meters
  • Track assets
  • Develop customized applications quickly and easily
  • Deliver new services
  • Drive better business decisions

Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Simplify wireless onboarding for guests. Also, get precise location data on wireless users and devices, so you can analyze customer behavior and track assets. This new data can be easily shared with users.

Application Visibility and Control (AVC)

Define and monitor network performance levels for over 1000 applications, so that mission-critical applications always have the bandwidth they need.


When it comes to gaining insight from location data, every meter matters. With Cisco DNA, you can track wireless users within 1-to-3 yards so you can learn more about their behavior and share more relevant information via mobile apps.

Automation & Assurance

46%* being of Network devices will be Machine to Machine by 2020

Create the network of the future and manage it from a single portal. Give your team the tools to:

  • Simplify deployment
  • Reduce complexity
  • Streamline onboarding and operations
  • Create a highly available and predictable network
  • Prioritize users and applications
  • Plan and deliver committed service levels cost-effectively

Flexible Radio Assignment

Provide a better mobile user experience by automatically detecting when a large number of devices connect to the network. From there, FRA automatically changes its dual radios in the AP to serve more clients.

High Density Experience (HDX)

Manage the airwaves your way. Handle traffic, improve roaming, block interference, and keep up with evolving technologies.

Apple Fastlane

Enable employees using iOS devices to intelligently communicate and connect to the best-suited Cisco access point quickly and efficiently—all the while saving their battery too.

Security & Compliance

80%* of security breaches occur inside the perimeter.

Nothing matters more than your network’s security. Give your team the tools to:

  • Administer policies based on user needs
  • Control access based on role
  • Track and quarantine anomalous behavior
  • Respond more quickly to attacks
  • Simplify compliance

Prime Infrastructure: Simplify the management of your network with a single view and point of control.

Identity Services Engine: Enforce compliance, enhance security, and streamline operations for better network control.

IOS Netflow: Control and manage IP traffic flow, monitor your network, and provide usage-based billing.


See how adapting your network not just for today’s wireless world, but for tomorrow’s. DNA for Mobility.

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