Cisco DNA for Mobility, for Switching, and for Routing

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In the last article, we shared a lot of details of Cisco DNA solutions and products. One of them is the Digital-Ready Infrastructure.


An exclusive function that the Cisco Aironet Access Points offer is Flexible Radio Assignment. This feature allows the access point to automatically adjust the network when client surges occur.

Cisco DNA-ready wireless products:

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The Cisco switching products offer a function called Unified Access Data Plane Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (UADP ASIC) for wired and wireless convergence. This feature enables converged wired and wireless access for operational simplicity and scale.

Cisco DNA-ready switching products:


The Cisco DNA-ready routing products combine two unique features that speed up the time it takes to deploy your branch office. With the Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) app with the APIC-EM, IT can automate the provisioning of multiple branch offices and provide intelligent path selection and application control—with minimal programming and customization. These capabilities will simplify and streamline your network operations, reducing costs and saving time.

Cisco DNA-ready router products:

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