Cisco Catalyst 9000 Family-Technical Deep Dive

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Now it’s a new era in networking.
What are the new features of networking today compared to previous era?

The Catalyst 9000 Family (it has been announced in June 2017) solves some persistent challenges of enterprise networks by utilizing platform innovations built around four key areas: security, Internet of Things (IoT) convergence, mobility and cloud readiness.

The new Cisco Catalyst 9000 Family of switches consists of the best stackable access switch, Catalyst 9300; the only modular chassis that supports In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) in the campus space, Catalyst 9400; and the first 40G aggregation switch in the enterprise space, Catalyst 9500.

Cisco Catalyst 9000 Familyx86 CPU

  • x86-based architecture helps with hosting containers and apps designed for x86 systems
  • x86 opens up the doors for IoT and cloud apps
  • Puppet, Chef, etc.

Catalyst 9000 Family–RFID
  1. Sample RFID Tag Data
  2. SN = ‘FOC2109Q023’
  3. PID = ‘C9500-24Q’
  4. VID = ‘V00’
  5. TAN = ’68-100900-02′
  6. TAN Rev = ’10’
  8. Index = ‘900’
  9. Encode = ‘SGTIN-198‘
  10. Filter = ‘0‘
  11. Partition = ‘5’
  12. Company = ‘0746320‚

Inventory management (tracking) has never been easier

Catalyst 9000 FamilyOptional Bluetooth

*SW Support-Q4CY17

Accessing the device has never been easier

Cisco Unified Access Data Plane (UADP) ASIC

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