How to Help Wireless Customers Select the Right Wireless Solutions?

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Cisco Wireless Solutions

Today we believe that every company relies on wireless technology to operate its business. So to meet customers’ diverse needs, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, Cisco can provide a broad portfolio of wireless solutions.

How to help wireless customers select the right wireless solutions? In the following part there are three approaches for a range of customers.

Three Approaches for a Range of Customers

It is easier when you offer appliance-free, appliance-based, and cloud-based solutions.

On Premises and Appliance-Free

With these solutions, the access points handle the wireless management. So no additional hardware is necessary. They are easy to use, affordable, and work well in environments with up to 25 access points.

Off Premise and Cloud Based

These Cisco® Meraki® cloud-managed solutions are ideal for deployments with access points in multiple remote locations. They are highly scalable, are license based, and require little or no IT staff on site.

On Premises and Appliance-Based

When a company needs 25 to 250 access points in one location, these are the solutions to sell. Network administrators manage the numerous access points with a centralized, wireless LAN controller.

Three Common Network Models

Most customers have small wireless networks, distributed branch locations, or large campuses.

Small Business Local Networks

These customers generally have one location with 25 access points or fewer. They need wireless solutions that are easy to install, easier to manage, and completely reliable. And they want competitive features and performance for an affordable price.

Branch Office Networks

This category of customers requires 25 or more access points in distributed locations. They want wireless solutions that can be licensed, secured, and managed by remote staff, and that will scale up or down quickly to meet changing demand.

Central Campus Networks

This enterprise customer group uses up to 250 access points in a centralized complex. They need broader services, premium performance, bulletproof security, greater network traffic visibility, and simple, centralized control of the many access points.

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A Solution for Every Situation

Whether your customer maintains a small office, several branches, or a bustling campus, Cisco has just the right wireless solution. Cisco’s appliance-free, appliance-based, and Cisco Meraki cloud-based offerings help you present more solutions to more customers than ever before. Refer to the table above for specific examples.

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