Cisco ONE Software Device Tiering Guide–Perpetual Licenses

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As described in the Cisco ONE Software License Portability FAQ, the hardware product series and/or tier on which you have deployed your perpetual licenses determines your portability options. Perpetual licenses are portable within a product tier.

Devices with greater capabilities are categorized in a higher tier because they gain more benefit from the capabilities in Cisco ONE Software. You can port your perpetual licenses to a higher tier, but an upgrade fee may be involved. Table 1 describes the different equipment refresh scenarios. Subsequent tables describe the tiers for each family of hardware.

Table1. Perpetual license portability use cases
Use case
Refresh a device with a device in the same tier.

Example: Cisco 4331 ISR to 4351 ISR

If a Cisco Software Support Services (SWSS) contract is in place, the software can be used on the new device None
Refresh a device with a device in a higher tier.

Example: Cisco 1100 ISR to 4451 ISR

You must pay a software upgrade fee to use the software from the original device on the replacement device. The cost is the perpetual license cost on the new device minus the license cost on the old device, at current list prices, subject to customer-negotiated discounts
You must purchase an upgraded Cisco SWSS contract for the new software. You receive a credit for the old support contract You also need to consider the cost of

the upgraded Cisco SWSS contract

Refresh a device with a device in a lower tier.

Example: Cisco 4331 ISR to 1100 ISR

You are entitled to use the software deployed on your original device on a lower tier replacement device. You retain license portability rights associated with the original device family, so you can subsequently refresh the device back to the original device family None. The support contract remains with the original device family
You can opt to downgrade the perpetual license permanently to the lower tier device family, which would allow you to renew your Cisco SWSS contract at a lower price. In that case, the license entitlement is set permanently to the lower-tier family If you permanently downgrade, you may renew your Cisco SWSS contract at a lower price
Refresh a device with a next generation device.

Example: Cisco 3925 ISR to 4000 Series ISR

In this case, the transfer depends on whether the next-generation devise is considered the same tier as the existing device, or a higher or lower tier. Depending on the tier, the policies outlined above apply The tier of the next-generation device determines the cost.

Depending on the tier, the policies

outlined above apply

In all cases, you must migrate your perpetual software licenses to a next-generation device before your older device reaches end of support. At this stage, your Cisco SWSS contact will have expired and you will not meet the portability criteria

The following tables provide guidance on which products belong to which tiers for the purposes of perpetual license portability. Some product tiers are still under discussion, so check back on this page for the latest information.

Table2. Cisco routers and license portability tiers
Portability Tiers Current Gen Next Gen
Cisco Integrated Services Routers
Tier 1 Cisco 8xx Series ISRs ISR 880, ISR 890
Tier 2 Cisco 19xx Series ISRs ISR 1921, ISR 1941 Cisco 11xx and 42xx Series ISR 1100 ISR 4221
Tier 3 Cisco 29xx Series ISRs

ISR 2901, ISR 2911, ISR 2921, ISR 2951

Cisco 43xx Series ISRs

ISR 4321, ISR 4331, ISR 4351

Tier 4 Cisco 39xx Series ISRs

ISR 3925, ISR 3945, ISR 3925E, ISR 3945E

ISR 4431, ISR 4451


Cisco Aggregation Services Routers
Tier 5 ASR 1013, ASR 1009-X, ASR 1006, ASR 1006-X, ASR 1004, ASR 1002-X/HX, ASR 1001-X/HX
Table3. Cisco ASR 9000 license portability tiers
Portability Tiers Cisco ASR 9000 Series aggregation services routers
Tier 1 ASR-9001
Tier 2 A9K-MOD200-TR, A9K-MOD200-SE

A9K-48X10GE-1G-TR, A9K-48X10GE-1G-SE, A9K-24X10GE-1G-TR, A9K-24X10GE-1G-SE

Tier 3 A9K-4X100GE-TR, A9K-4X100GE-SE A9K-MOD400-TR, A9K-MOD400-SE
Table4. Cisco Nexus Switches and MDS license portability tiers
Portability Tiers Cisco Nexus Data Center Switches and MDS
Tier 1 Nexus 3048

Nexus 5548

MDS 9100

Nexus 9300 Series (1G) Nexus 9348GC-FXP

Tier 2 Nexus 3132, Nexus 3164, Nexus 3172, Nexus 3108

Nexus 3232, Nexus 3264

Nexus 3524, Nexus 3548

Nexus 5596

Nexus 5624, Nexus 5648, Nexus 5672, Nexus 5696, Nexus 56128 Nexus 6001, Nexus 6004

Nexus 7706-EN

Nexus 9200

MDS 9200

MDS 9300

Nexus 9300 Series (10G or higher)

Nexus 9332, Nexus 9364, Nexus 9372, Nexus 9396, Nexus 93108, Nexus 93120, Nexus 93128, Nexus 93180, Nexus 93108

Tier 3 Nexus 7004, Nexus 7702

Nexus 9504, Nexus 9508, Nexus 9516

Tier 4 Nexus 7009, Nexus 7010, Nexus 7018

Nexus 7706, Nexus 7706-EN, Nexus 7710, Nexus 7718

MDS 9700

Table5. Cisco Catalyst Switch license portability tiers
Portability Tiers Current Gen Next Gen
Cisco Catalyst Series Switches
Tier 1



IE 4xxx

IE 5xxx

Tier 2


C3650-24xx, C3650-48xx


C3850-12xx Fiber, C3850-24xx, C3850-24xx – Fiber, C3850-48xx,

C1-C4500X-16SFP+, C1-C4500X-24X-IPB, C1-C4500X-32SFP+ C6880

Tier 3 C4503, C4506, C4507, C4510, C6807
Table6. Cisco Aironet Controllers license portability tiers1
Portability Tiers Cisco Aironet Controllers
Tier 1 Cisco WLC 2504

Cisco WLC 5508, Cisco WLC 5520

Cisco WLC 5760

Cisco WLC 7510

Cisco WLC 8510, Cisco WLC 8540

Cisco ONE Wireless Service Module (WiSM-2) Cisco vWLC

1 Both physical and virtual wireless controllers are in the same tier for license portability purposes. In addition, Cisco ONE wireless controllers and unified access catalyst switch are classified in the same portability tier for Cisco ONE Wireless license portability. Cisco ONE Wireless license can be ported from a wireless controller to a unified access Cisco Catalyst switch and vice versa at no cost.

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