Cisco ONE for Access Switching 2017

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Cisco ONE Software has been launched in 2015. It helps customers purchase the right software capabilities to address their business needs.

It helps deliver reduced complexity, simplified buying, and the peace of mind that today’s software investments will last into the future.

These products offer a greater value to customers with more features at “better together” pricing.

Learn more: Cisco ONE Software Licensing Program

Cisco ONE Software provides customers with the following main benefits:

  • Flexible licensing models to smoothly distribute customer’s software spending over time
  • Access to updates, upgrades, and new technology from Cisco through Cisco Software Support Service (SWSS)
  • Investment protection for software purchases through software services-enabled license portability
  • Software suites that address typical customer use-case scenarios at an attractive price
  • Lower cost of entry with new Cisco ONE Subscription for Switching model
 IT management challenges and Cisco ONE Software benefits
IT management challenges Cisco ONE Software benefits
Shrinking IT Budgets

IT budgets are shrinking while IT demands continue to accelerate. As the costs of IT and downtime skyrocket, companies need to balance shrinking budgets with easy-to-deploy networks that enhance operational efficiency.

Deliver More Value for Your Money

Cisco ONE Software is designed for common customer use scenarios and offered at a “better together” price, making it easier and less expensive for you to deploy complete solutions.

Increase Investment Protection

Software services-enabled license portability lets your software licenses stay current through hardware upgrades and replacements at no additional cost.

Infrastructure Inflexibility

IT organizations lack an automated way to keep pace with changing business needs and demands for more resources. It often takes weeks to procure and provision a new network service.

Enhance Business Agility

Cisco ONE Software delivers critical business solutions and provides you with the tools you need to deploy, maintain, and manage your software.

Lack of Buying Options

Organizations need more options for buying software to improve their flexibility, reduce risk, and cut costs.

Flexible Licensing Models

Evenly distribute your software spending over time with subscription-based and other flexible purchasing models.

Implementation Obstacles

Deploying software and implementing new use cases can often cause major disruptions to your current operations.

Reduce Risk and Downtime

Cisco’s technical and professional services provide the expertise, smart tools and proven processes that reduce risk and lower downtime.

Excessive Time and Costs for Maintenance

The majority of your IT budget and most of your workloads are focused on routine maintenance, limiting your ability to innovate and grow your business.

Accelerate ROI and Time-to-Value

Optimize the performance of your networks to get the most out of your technology investments. Accelerate your business outcomes with expert guidance from Cisco technical and professional services.

Cisco ONE for Access Switching powers Cisco Catalyst Family switches by introducing a simpler and more economical way to deploy access, aggregation, and core switches across enterprise campus and branch locations. It helps you create, manage, and scale a connected borderless business.

Cisco ONE for Access Switching is available through flexible subscriptions and perpetual buying options.

Cisco ONE Software: Subscription license overview

Cisco ONE Software: Perpetual license overview

Cisco ONE for Access Switching subscription offers

Software subscriptions provide a number of benefits:

  1. Continuous access to innovation
  • Ongoing access to the latest features: New features are being released more often than in the past. Subscriptions give you regular, real-time access to the latest features and accelerate your journey to the cloud.
  • Up-to-date security protection: Software subscriptions help you to stay current with changing security requirements through access to the latest features.
  • Software refresh independent of hardware: Subscriptions free the software refresh cycle from the hardware for ongoing access to innovation.
  1. Enhanced agility
  • Capability to renew and scale what you want: Stay synchronized with the dynamic nature of your business. Easily update your technology capabilities as your business needs change.
  • License portability for flexibility: Subscriptions offer better license portability across deployment models: cloud environments, on-premises equipment, and new hardware.
  • Shorter planning cycles: Subscriptions enable shorter planning cycles and help avoid the overspending associated with long-term capacity planning.
  1. Better financial planning
  • Linear, predictable budget spending: Subscriptions give you more spending predictability and linearity and help avoid peaks and valleys.
  • Shift from Capital Expenditures (CapEx) to Operating Expenses (OpEx): Be OpEx-centric in the cloud and consumption economy era. In addition, you lower your initial investment.
  • Keep vendors focused on value: Subscriptions keep vendors more focused on growing value: a key decision-making factor at renewal time.
Cisco ONE Advanced Security

Cisco ONE Policy and Threat Defense for Access is a complete software solution that helps provide end-to-end access control and enforcement for your organization’s users while at the same time improving security and helping ensure compliance. To learn more about how Cisco ONE Advanced Security suites can help your organization, see the Cisco ONE Advanced Security for Access data sheet.

Cisco ONE Advantage

Cisco ONE Advantage delivers an unbound network on an open and extensible architecture to help you navigate the digital journey. Benefits include lower initial costs, access to ongoing innovation, agility to respond more quickly, and better budget predictability. These 3-, 5-, and 7-year subscriptions include full Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) capabilities supported by Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) analytics, automation, and security. Switching subscription offers are categorized into Good, Better, and Best solutions: DNA Essentials, DNA Advantage, and Cisco ONE Advantage, respectively. Cisco ONE Advantage is the lead offer.

Cisco ONE Software: Cisco ONE Advantage Offer

Cisco ONE for Access Switching is available on the following Cisco Catalyst switches:

Cisco ONE for Access switching perpetual license offers are available on the following platforms:

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The Table below lists the Cisco IOS Software feature sets for the various Cisco ONE perpetual software offers

Cisco IOS Software licenses Cisco Industrial Ethernet 4000 and 5000 Series Cisco Catalyst 2000 Series Cisco Catalyst 3650 and 3850 (nonfiber) Series Cisco Catalyst 3850 (fiber) Series Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series (4500E and 4500X) Cisco Catalyst 6800 Series
Base Platform LAN Base LAN Base LAN Base IP Base LAN Base (4500)

IP Base (4500X)

IP Services
Foundation IP Base IP Base (4500)

– (4500X)

Advanced IP Services IP Services IP Services Enterprise Services Advanced Enterprise Services

More info about Cisco ONE software such as the Software components of Cisco ONE Advantage, feature sets for Cisco ONE Software for Access Switching subscription offers, features and capabilities of Cisco ONE for Access Switching, you can visit the full information here:

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When You Buy Cisco ONE…

Cisco ONE Advanced Security, Simplify Your Threat Defense

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