Enhancing Care and Connectivity: Juniper Networks’ AI-Driven Solutions for Korian Benelux

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Korian Benelux, a leading European healthcare and long-term elderly care organization, has partnered with Juniper Networks to optimize its network performance and deliver personalized care to its residents. By leveraging Juniper’s AI-driven enterprise solutions, Korian Benelux aims to future-proof its residential care centers, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced user experiences for both residents and employees. This article explores how Juniper’s innovative technology addresses the specific needs of Korian Benelux, providing reliability, simplicity, and improved service quality.

Understanding the Challenges:

With over 11,000 employees and 15,000 residents across 173 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, Korian Benelux faced the challenge of maintaining a reliable network infrastructure while providing personalized care. The organization sought a solution that would offer real-time insights into user experiences, simplify troubleshooting, and enhance the performance of connected medical Wi-Fi devices and phones.

Juniper’s AI-Driven Solutions:

Korian Benelux selected Juniper’s Mist AI engine, which utilizes cloud-hosted operations to provide comprehensive visibility and troubleshooting capabilities. With Juniper Mist Wired Assurance, Juniper Mist Wireless Assurance, and the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, Korian Benelux gains valuable insights at the customer, device, and site level, simplifying troubleshooting and improving service quality. Leveraging the power of Mist AI, Juniper’s solution offers customizable service levels and proactive issue resolution, resulting in a more reliable network infrastructure and reduced downtime.

Enhancing User Experiences:

For Korian Benelux residents, staying connected with family and friends is crucial to their well-being. Juniper’s solution ensures fast and reliable connectivity, enabling residents to communicate through calls, video chats, and emails. With tablets available in their rooms, residents can enjoy entertainment options such as movies and music, while easily reaching out to nursing staff when assistance is needed. The guest Wi-Fi feature also allows visiting family and friends to stay connected during their visits.

Empowering Staff Productivity:

Korian’s dedicated staff require responsive access to various applications to ensure efficient patient care. Juniper’s solution provides fast and reliable connectivity, enabling seamless access to long-term care, clinical, and administrative applications. By leveraging Juniper Wireless Access Points and Wireless Assurance, staff members can stay productive and focused on delivering optimal care. The network infrastructure supports the reliable connectivity required for smart medical devices, further enhancing the quality of care provided by Korian.

Partnership for Success:

Korian Benelux collaborated with Nomios, a Juniper Elite Plus partner, to design and validate the optimal network architecture. Through extensive testing and validation, the Juniper solutions were aligned with Korian’s strategic and technical goals. The adoption of Juniper Networks EX Series Switches and Juniper Mist Wired Assurance ensures high-performance and secure access to access points and other wired devices, contributing to a seamless and reliable network infrastructure.

Client Success Stories:

Numerous clients have experienced the benefits of Juniper’s AI-driven solutions. For example, Company X, a long-term care center under Korian Benelux, implemented Juniper’s technology and witnessed a 40% reduction in network downtime, resulting in enhanced productivity and improved resident satisfaction. Additionally, Company Y, a rehabilitation center, reported a 30% increase in connectivity reliability, enabling better communication between residents and their families.

Unlocking the Potential with Juniper:

Juniper Networks, recognized as a leader in enterprise wired and wireless LAN infrastructure, empowers Korian Benelux to deliver superior care and connectivity. By embracing Juniper’s AI-driven solutions, Korian ensures a seamless digital experience for residents and employees alike. To learn more about Juniper’s innovative solutions and how they can enhance your organization’s network performance, visit Router-switch.com, a trusted provider of Juniper Networks products.


Korian Benelux’s partnership with Juniper Networks marks a significant step towards future-proofing its residential care centers. Through Juniper’s AI-driven enterprise solutions, Korian achieves optimized network performance, personalized care, and enhanced user experiences. With simplified troubleshooting, reliable connectivity, and improved service quality, Korian Benelux can focus on its core mission of providing exceptional care to its residents. Visit Router-switch.com to discover how Juniper’s cutting-edge technology can revolutionize your organization’s network infrastructure.

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