Brewing Success with Cisco Meraki: A Case Study of Peet’s Coffee

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Welcome to the world of Cisco Meraki, a transformative cloud-managed IT solution that is redefining businesses across various sectors. One of the sectors where Cisco Meraki has been a game-changer is retail, and today we are shining a spotlight on one of the giants in this industry, Peet’s Coffee.

Peet’s Coffee and the Challenge

Peet’s Coffee, a well-established coffee retail chain, is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. But, like any large-scale retail business, it faced the challenge of maintaining secure and reliable Wi-Fi connections across its numerous locations. Ensuring that each store had a robust, scalable, and easy-to-manage IT solution was critical to their operations.The First Las Vegas Peet's Coffee Cafe Debuts - Eater Vegas

The Cisco Meraki Solution

Enter Cisco Meraki, with its suite of cloud-managed IT solutions. Peet’s Coffee stores nationwide were fitted with Meraki MR Access Points, ensuring reliable Wi-Fi connections for both staff and customers. Further enhancing security, Meraki MV cameras were installed, providing high-definition surveillance and peace of mind.

But the real game-changer was the centralized cloud management feature of Cisco Meraki. It allowed the IT team at Peet’s Coffee to manage and monitor their network from a single dashboard, making it easier to troubleshoot issues and keep their systems running smoothly.

The Result: Brewing Success with Cisco Meraki

Since implementing Cisco Meraki, Peet’s Coffee has seen substantial improvements in its operations. Wi-Fi reliability has skyrocketed, ensuring that customers can surf the web while they sip their coffee and staff can process transactions without worrying about network issues.

Security has also been enhanced, with Meraki MV cameras providing clear footage and quick access to video clips when needed. The ease of managing IT operations has also led to cost savings, making it easier for Peet’s Coffee to focus on what they do best – serving excellent coffee.

Moreover, customer satisfaction has improved since the implementation of Cisco Meraki. With reliable Wi-Fi and enhanced security, customers can enjoy their visit to Peet’s Coffee with peace of mind. And for Peet’s Coffee, it’s made expansion to new locations much simpler, with easy-to-install and manage IT solutions from Cisco Meraki.


The success story of Peet’s Coffee and Cisco Meraki showcases the transformative potential of a powerful IT solution. From improving Wi-Fi reliability to enhancing security, Cisco Meraki offers businesses a way to streamline their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and focus on their core competencies.

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Here’s to brewing more success stories with Cisco Meraki!

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