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Cisco Aironet 700W Series Access Point is the latest addition to a comprehensive access point family, including 700 Series, 1600 Series, 2600 Series, as well as 3700 Series with 802.11ac standard. It is a wall mounted wireless and wired integrated platform, and the industry’s FIRST and ONLY dual radio, dual band 2.4/5 GHz Access Point with 4 GigE Ethernet ports for wired connectivity, like IP Phones, game consoles, entertainment devices or other connected devices.Cisco ap700

Cisco AP 700W Series can be powered either by Power over Ethernet (PoE) or by a local power adapter, while it also provides PoE out on one local port to power an additional connected device.

Cisco Aironet 700W Series has a sleek design in a compact form factor to provide high quality performance while fitting seamlessly into the surrounding fixtures in any venue. It comes with a special-built bracket for ease of mounting to numerous global wall-box standards, making the Cisco Aironet 700W Series is a perfect fit for hospitality, dorm rooms, and other Multi Dwelling Units(MDUs), providing in-room connectivity.

700W Series is leveraging award-winning RRM and Cisco Prime Infrastructure for high AP density deployments, ensuring seamless roaming, and right-sized WiFi cells.

It’s ideal for customers in hospitality and education who want to modernize their networks to handle today’s increasingly complex wireless access demands.

Cisco Aironet 700W Series

There is a table to show the main features and specifications of Cisco AP 700W Series.

Cisco Aironet 802.11n G2 Series Indoor Access Points Cisco AP 700W Series
Product image
Wi-Fi standards 802.11 a/b/g/n
Ideal for Hospitality, university residence halls
Site type Multidwelling units
Application performance profile In-room wired and wireless access device,
designed to be mounted on wall junction boxes
Future-proof modularity
Crowded areas
Number of radios Dual (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz)
Max data rate 300 Mbps
MIMO radio design: spatial streams 2 x 2:2
Client count/ClientLink client count 100 wireless and 4 wired;
no ClientLink support
Autonomous access point option Yes*
ClientLink 2.0
VideoStream Yes
BandSelect Yes
Rogue access point detection Yes
Adaptive wireless intrusion protection system (wIPS) Yes
(Integrated- antenna models only)
FlexConnect Yes
Power 802.3at/af, AC adapter,
PoE out on one port
Temperature range 0 to 40°C
Antennas Internal
Limited lifetime warranty Yes

*Planned for future support

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