What are the Ports on Cisco Catalyst Switches?

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Interface Ports on Cisco Catalyst Switches for Uplink and Downlink Connections

Cisco Catalyst Switches support the following interface ports for uplink and downlink connections:

  • Fast Ethernet port (FE)
  • Gigabit Ethernet port (GE)
  • Multigigabit Ethernet port (mGig)
  • SFP module slot (SFP)
  • Dual-Purpose port (GE/SFP)
  • 10GBASE-T port (10GB-T)
  • X2 module slot (X2)
  • SFP+ module slots (SFP/SFP+)
  • CFP module slot (CFP)
  • QSFP module slot (QSFP)

The bracketed notations are abbreviations used in the specification comparison tables in this catalog.

  • A dual-purpose port is an interface combining a Gigabit Ethernet port with an SFP module slot and is notated as GE/SFP (Either one can be activated independently).
  • Similarly, SFP+ module slots are notated as SFP/SFP+ due to their compatibility with SFP.
  • SFP/SFP+ modules can be mounted to X2, CFP, or QSFP module slots using an appropriate converter.

In most cases, the supported port interfaces and number of ports of each product can be determined from their SKU (Refer to page 14 for details).

■ Ports Supported by Fixed-Configuration Cisco Catalyst Switches (e.g.)

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